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Diary of Anne Frank

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*New Buddy*

The book I read is called The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank The book is a true story about a thirteen year old girl who receives a diary on her thirteenth birthday. The book is a short autobiography In her diary Anne tells Kitty (her pretend friend) everything that happens in her life. The interesting factor in the book is that the time of Anne's preteen years is the time of the rise of Hitler who oppressed the Jews. Anne's family is forced into hiding into a secret apartment on top of a factory store in which one of the Frank's friends works. Meep, the friend brings food up to the Franks. Anne and her family stay in hiding for four years. Just when the Franks are almost ready to leave a man working in the factory rats the Franks out to the Nazis.

Anne's diary begins on her thirteenth birthday and ends shortly after her fifteenth .In the book she writes of her friendships with other girls and her performance in school. The school Anne goes to is called the Lycelium for Jews. Anne also has a sister. Her name is Margot. Margot is 17 years old and very mature. Anne gets along well with her sister. Her father comes from a wealthy family. Anne gets along nicely with him. Anne's mother is not spoken of too much in the book., mostly because she does not have a good relationship with her.

When Hitler was first taking power the Jews were forced into all Jewish schools. It was there that Anne met a good friend. Her name was Joy. Anne and Joy became friends but only for a short while before Anne was forced into hiding. Anne and her family hid from the Nazi's for two and a half years. The Franks stayed with three other people. They had a woman named Meep bring food to them. The rise of Hitler grew worse as the years passed. The Nazis were then taking Jews to camps where they would kill them. The Franks got into many arguments with the people in the house and Anne was between it all. During this time Anne was beginning to like one of the boys she was staying with in the house. His name was David Van Dan. Anne and David spent most of their time looking out a window in the attic together holding each other. Her father did not approve of this but Anne did it anyway.

Later in the book a man who is working in the factory finds the Jews and reports them to the Nazis. The Nazis came the next day and took the Franks and everyone else to the concentration camps where Anne,



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