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The Diary of Anne Frank

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Essay Preview: The Diary of Anne Frank

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The Diary of Mrs. Frank

D-day 1944,

I feel terrible. I don 't know what I was thinking, trying to kick Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan out of our hiding place. My family has never seen me like this. I must've forgotten to tell you what happened. Well, let me tell you. We were all sleeping when I opened my eyes, and saw Mr. Van Daan stealing bread. I immediately woke up everyone, by screaming and shouting at him. My husband had to hold me away from Mr. Van Daan, or else I would've hit him with my fist. I was so ashamed of myself, thinking how my family must've felt about me,. Anne already hates me. Think of how embarrassed she must be, to have a mother like me. Afterward, I told them to leave at once. My dear husband, thankfully, tried to pacify me that I was only speaking in anger, but I just could not listen to him. Soon, Peter came storming in the room yelling D-day has occurred, while I was just sitting there ruining everyone's celebration by crying. I was mad at myself for not being very polite to our hosts, after all they have done for us. This is a very happy moment for all of us that D-day has landed. Maybe, just maybe, liberation will occur.

Hanukkah, 1942,

It is I again, here to report the daily news. Today was the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. Every year we give presents to our family and friends, but this year we can scarcely go to the bottom storey of our shelter to get presents. We all felt disappointed about not getting or receiving gifts, but I felt the worst. You see, Anne had managed to brighten up Hanukkah with presents for all. She had made presents for everybody with stuff found all over the shelter. From tobacco to smoke, to scarves. My heart felt wretched about not giving any member of my family or hosts any presents. I could've at least made some presents to brighten up my families' mood. Instead, it was my daughter who had to brighten up Hanukkah. I thought that I should've probably done that.



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