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Diary of a Teenage Girl. Becoming Me

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Essay Preview: Diary of a Teenage Girl. Becoming Me

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Diary of A Teenage Girl. Becoming Me

Title Page: On the cover of Diary of a Teenage Girl, Becoming Me there is a girl with long silky brown hair. I get the impression that she is sad or lost because she is twirling her hair in between her fingers. Her head could possibly be tilted down in a depressed motion. I think her hands are the only thing visible because the author is trying to set of the mood of th young girl, and I think this is shown by the twirling of the hair between the fingers.

Publication Data: Carlson, Melody. Diary of a Teenage Girl, Becoming Me. (United States of America, Multonomach Publishers, 2000)

Setting: The setting is the time and place of a narratives actions. The setting in this novel is New Jersey. Three specific details of this setting are: a.) Caitlin and her family live in a small, narrow duplex with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom; b.) their house is central New Jersey and located next to a large park; c.) the house is a light brown with cream coloured shutters and has two large doors in the front. Caitlin and her family live in the duplex with one other family although the duplex has three floors.

Living central allows Caitlin and her family easy access to school, church and work. She is able to attend track and field after school and hang out with her friends at the local diner. Caitlin learns more about herself by adventuring out into New Jersey and going to youth group as much as possible, learning more about God.

Plot: Plot is a series of incidents which provide a solid framework for the development of a narratives conflict. Conflict is a struggle between two opposing forces. The main conflict in this novel is man vs himself. Caitlin struggles to find her true self and learn more about her religion. She makes many choices through out he novel that will impact her life forever.

The conflict begins when Caitlin starts being more adventurous and starts going to parties and hanging out with the wrong crowd that she thinks are the cool kids. She meets new people that aren't her true friends and aren't good people. These people try and get her to do thing's that she really doesn't want to do and she makes the right choice in saying "No." She immediately goes into a room where she can't be pressured and decides not to hang out with those people anymore. After she has had a dose of this bad environment she realises who her true friends are and she goes back to them. She makes many wise choices in the next upcoming events, and is ready to deal with those sorts os situations.

Characters: The three physical characteristics of Caitlin are a.) long, straight, silky brown hair; b.) big brown eyes; c.) and she is roughly 5'4 metres tall.

The three mental characteristics of Caitlin are a.)she is very smart and good grades in school; b.)she is a very strong headed person; c.) she is very loyal to God.

Caitlin is a very good student and shows this buy getting good grades at school and attending regularly, trying not to miss a day. She is also very loyal to her track and field team and his very dedicated. She is very strong headed and stands for what she believes in. She likes to argue with people until she has made her point. She is also very loyal to God and maintains to be a good Christian. She demonstrates this through out the entire novel as she remains to be a virgin until she is married, not partying and attending church and youth group as often as possible.

The three physical characteristics about Beanie are a.) she is very short; b.)she has long black hair that reaches past her butt; c.) she has small brown eyes.

The three physical characteristics of Beanie are; a.)she is very athletic; b.) she, like Caitlin, is very headstrong; c.) and she is very smart.

Beanie is a very athletic person and enjoys track and field after school. She is a very competitive runner and is one of the best athletes at running long jump. Beanie is also very headstrong and will speak her mind at any point in time. She is not afraid to speak her mind to her mother and doesn't allow anyone to belittle her in any way. Beanie is also very smart and



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