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Girl Interrupted

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The movie "Girl Interrupted" is based on the biography by Susanna Kayson. In the story she tells of her two year stay in a mental hospital. The director uses many camera angles and techniqques to carry on the story line. He wanted most of the setting to take place in the hospital. Throughout the stor, Kayson tells of her fears, friends, and herself. Growing and learning everyday, Susanna is finally declared healthy and is relaesed. Her final diagnosis: recovered boarderline. She meets a great friend named Lisa, blah blah blah, and they go around the hospital and play instruments together. They have a lot of fun. They go to Daisy's house and then Daisy kils herself. Its actually quite tragic. Um, then Susanna takes Daisy's cat back to the hopspital. Then it goes to Polly after Susanna leaves the hospital. The movie was filmed in real rain. The director was very happy of his weather luck while filming. The movie only took a couple of months to film. The director was very proud of the actors abilities and their fun atmosphere. Many things were different between the book and the movie. The cat was actually a scar of cigerette burns on Lisa's arm of a cat that she named Ruby. She was mad at Daisy for mnaming her cat ruby too. The scene when Susanna first turns the round to the ward is like the Wizard of Oz. It is the same camera angle as when Dorothy goes to Oz and the movie turns to color. cat vat vat as as as as as asas asas as as as as the the ht ehte hte the is is is is is is is si is is is is is si si i si si si

Girl Interrupted by Susanna Kayson



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