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Addiction in Internet Chatting: An Empirical Study Using Modified Technology Acceptance Model

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Essay Preview: Addiction in Internet Chatting: An Empirical Study Using Modified Technology Acceptance Model

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Mohammed Siyyadeh

Professional Written Communications

1 May 2018


               There have been numerous cases of using social media and driving over the recent years. Some have been lucky and other ended badly. One thing in common with all of them is that they could have been avoided. Social sites such as Snapchat even put the ability for them to blocks  posts if the person is in a moving vehicle (based on mph in the car) ; there are still arguments about it being changed. The younger you are the more common it is and that limitations on posts should not be changed.

               In the Journal, “ Addiction in Internet chatting: An empirical study using modified Technology Acceptance Model” (2011), author Thomas, D. INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY RESEARCH IN BUSINESS, asserts that the our use of social media sites plays a huge part on academic performance. The more you use social media, the more likely you are to fail . He backs up this claim by doing the following: First, he talks about the time spent on social media is shown to negatively impact academic performance.; next, he talks about the positives effects of social media saying social networking sites have become a very important aspect in student’s life. Internet use has grown considerably in the last decade; finally, he says that we shouldn’t try and rid social media , but improve time management. Because of the author’s defendant tone, it is clear that she writes for a naysayer and general audience.

               There are so many reasons why there should be an age restriction for people using social media. Reasons like, it will probably decrease the quality of work submitted by the students. Lots of incidents will occur that will leave a bunch of kids having to repeat a class or even a grade, which is never a good thing. “There are many risk factors for addiction to the internet and problematic use of internet found at school and at home.” (Kokić 1113) Kokić gives examples like in this quote to limit internet use for youth. Another quote that is a good reason not limit social media age, “It is important to bear in mind that not all of the internet has negative and harmful effects on a child’s development. There is a whole range of educational and entertaining factors, which can be a valuable medium for learning. ” These types of quotes are what keeps no age restriction on most social media sites, because there is no counter argument to them.



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