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Internet Technology Used in Business

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In our changing society as companies vie to stay alive; many have begun redefining their business strategies, so as to make accessibility to global and internal information easier for their employees. In order that business provide superior services than their competitors, Human Resource professionals strongly believe, that is closely linked to people's attitude about work, the evolution of employment-related laws and sociological tends. They must recognise the dynamic relationship between strategy, people, technology and the processes that drive organisations.

In so keeping, SAM's Paper Manufacturing Company Limited, in trying to manage the challenge facing today's organisations, change, given the rapid advances in technology, increased globalisation and the ever present need to assure quality service and contented workers, has proposed internet access for all workstation end users.

As organisations grow and develop, external and internal pressures result in changing needs. Systems and practices must be organised so that they continue to fit an organisation as its needs changes. As a result, the strategic and implementation plans are the overall blueprints that define how an organisation will deploy its capital resources, budgetary resources, and technological resources in pursuit of its goal.

In providing the Internet access, research would be carried out into the type of infrastructure that is required in providing an effective Internet access service to the employee. The types of infrastructure that need to be investigated are: -

&#61498;<Tab/>Broadband Technology.

We would look specifically at Asymmetric Digital Subscribe Line (ADSL), which is a technology used by telephone companies to provide high band with services (faster internet and data speeds) to the home and business using existing telephone cabling infrastructure (See Appendix 1).


As its name implies the router serves as a routing switchboard. It connects two or more networks and forwards data packets between them.

&#61498;<Tab/>Microsoft Exchange

This would facilitate internal and external e-mails

&#61498;<Tab/>Monitoring and Managing Internet Access

Techniques and products for monitoring, controlling and managing Internet access, such as "Web use reporting" which is software used to monitor and report on how a workforce uses its access to websites.

In giving right of entry to an abundance of information, via the Internet, to all employees, management has taken into consideration the serious negative cost, which may occur, to both security and productivity of the employees. They have developed and put in place policies that take into consideration the use of firewalls to shield our Local Area Network (LAN) from unauthorised access and the use of Anti Virus products to prevent infection. And the configuration of gateways to restrict certain types of Internet traffic would reduce the possible negative affect because of the Internet access.




The Internet, a public telecommunications service, was established as a cooperative effort providing worldwide networking services among educational institutions, government agencies and various commercial and non-profit organizations. High-speed networking technologies and developments have made the Internet a desirable source for expanding research interest and information dissemination and communication. The Internet has expanded to include government information, educational information systems, archives and business resources. The Internet also includes functions such as those for electronic mail (e-mail), remote computer networks, file transfers, World Wide Web (WWW) and wide area information servers.


SAM's Paper Manufacturing Company Ltd is desirous of providing to all users of our workstations (computers) connected to our Local Area Network (LAN), meaningful access to the Internet for general web browsing throughout the World Wide Web, and the use of electronic mail (e-mail). This would result in:

1.<Tab/>Research opportunities for staff, which would result in a higher standard of product provided.

2.<Tab/>Monitoring what our company competitors are doing, so that we keep up to date with market facts.

3.<Tab/>Being able to communicate faster with our customers and suppliers, thereby bringing about greater efficiency in the company operations.


The Project Manager works with the project team and the company owners in assessing and resolving risk and issues throughout the Project Life Cycle.

The following is an accelerated approach that ensures all critical success factors are covered. The stages are: -








This initial phase identifies the stakeholders and determines the roles and responsibilities of the project team from the End Users who will be the staff to the Network Manager who would overlook the entire project.


During the discover stage the project team identifies and



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