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Technology Acceptance Model

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MSc Information Studies: Information Systems
Premaster Academic Skills

Submission Date: 21th of June 2018

Finding Relevant Academic Literature

Author: Siebrand Romeyn
Student ID: 11899972

Supervisor: Loek Stolwijk


This paper searches in a structured way for a scientific article that is relevant to technology acceptance models. The article that is found (Malaquis, Malaquis & Hwang, 2018) is relevant because it describes the acceptance of student’s technology in learning with the Technology Acceptance Model. This article was found trustworthy because the journal it was published in has an H-index of 121.

Keywords: information technology acceptance models


The purpose of this assignment is to practice finding a relevant scientific article. This assignment is interesting because it helps to develop a structure to do this, which will be useful for future assignments for the master Information Studies. In addition, it is an exercise of writing a research paper according to the guidelines of the Research Cycle.

In this assignment we are asked to find an article that is relevant to technology acceptance models. This research describes the method used for this and the result of this method. At the end a conclusion is given.


First of all, a Google Search was done with the terms 'Information technology acceptance'. The results were mainly websites of publishers of scientific articles on this subject. Subsequently, it was decided to continue searching for relevant articles on the websites of ResearchGate ( and ScienceDirect ( using the same terms as before.

This resulted in a large amount of potentially relevant articles. This list of articles was then filtered by reading the title and the abstract and assessing whether it is relevant enough. The knowledge about technology acceptance models was limited, so articles dealing with understanding TAM were considered more relevant than articles, for example, dealing with results of a research using a TAM in detail.

Articles were mainly filtered on containing words like ‘understand’,  ‘explain’ or ‘review’ in the title or abstract. When the article was considered relevant, the full text was viewed. From this followed a smaller number of relevant articles that seemed very relevant.

The status of the scientific journal in which the scientific article was published was viewed on the website of Scimago Journal & Country Rank ( This website offers information about, among other things, the journals H-index.


The method applied in this study resulted in two scientific articles. The first is about student's acceptance of technology in learning (Malaquis, Malaquis & Hwang, 2018). This article is considered relevant because it deals with TAM (Davis, 1989) and Personal Innovativeness in Information Technology. The latter is considered another construct in the field of information systems (Agarwal & Prasad, 1998). In this article these constructions are applied to the research into the acceptance of the technology in learning.
The second article is about the existing theories and models regarding user acceptance of technology (Taherdoost, 2018). This article is considered relevant because it provides an overview of technology acceptance models and the differences between them.



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