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  • The Value of a Jury System

    The Value of a Jury System

    The Value of a Jury System The Founders of our nation understood that no idea was more central to our Bill of Rights -- indeed, to government of the people, by the people, and for the people -- than the citizen jury. It was cherished not only as a bulwark

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  • The Value of Philosophy

    The Value of Philosophy

    The Value of Philosophy Reading "What Makes the Examined Life Worth Living" by Pruim I found the section regarding internal and external question very interesting. To explain the difference between these, Pruim analyzes three different areas; physics, mathematics and morality. Let us begin with an example in mathematics. The question

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  • The Value of Philosophy

    The Value of Philosophy

    The Value of Philosophy Bertrand Russell In Bertrand Russell’s The Value of Philosophy Russell explains the importance of studying philosophy and why it must be done. Russell stresses the fact that philosophical questions are necessary for mankind to be liberated. Russell explains the value of philosophy to our lives. Russell

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  • The Views of Locke

    The Views of Locke

    INTRODUCTION The life-blood of philosophy is argument and counter-argument. Plato and Aristotle thought of this as what they called dialectic discussion. D. W. Hamlyn JOHN LOCKE (1632-1704) Locke was the first of the British empiricists who held that our concepts and our knowledge are based on experience. He forms his

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  • The Village in Regards to Marcuse

    The Village in Regards to Marcuse

    The Village in Regards to Marcuse Marcuse believes that reality is only pacifying us from revealing the Truth. The Village is a perfect example of portraying Marcuse’s theory in some ways and apprehending another theory of its own. The Village is a perfect and yet exaggerated example of our social

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  • The Water Dragon Written by Anne Johnson

    The Water Dragon Written by Anne Johnson

    The theme I chose for this poetry project was fantasy. I chose this theme because I really enjoy fantasy and it inspires me, and it's a subject filled with wondrous surprises. I like reading books about fantasy, and the many different mystical creatures they are based on. Fantasy means a

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  • The Wax Analogy in Descartes' Meditations and Its Purposes.

    The Wax Analogy in Descartes' Meditations and Its Purposes.

    The wax analogy outlined in Meditations II serves numerous purposes within Descartes' discourse but the one that is outlined as its intended purpose is the establishment of the res cogitans as 'better known' than the res extensa. It also, however, illustrates the distinction between the intellect and the imagination. The

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  • The Way of Confucius

    The Way of Confucius

    Confucius is one of the most famous of the ancient Chinese philosophers. Confucius lived from 551 to 479 BC. He believed that Chinese culture had peaked during the height of the Zhou dynasty. During their reign, the Zhou rulers adhered to a set of practices referred to as the "li",

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  • The Wealth of Knowledge - Educating Rita

    The Wealth of Knowledge - Educating Rita

    Educating Rita is a film about a young woman who wants to obtain a formal education. Rita wants to live a different life. She is a twenty six year old hairdresser that has done nothing else with her life for herself. She decides that getting an education is the only

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  • The Working Brain

    The Working Brain

    Abstract Researching "Thinking, Language, and Intelligence" I found that any one of the three could be a life long study if one was to truly understand the topic. Not having a lifetime to prepare my research paper, I turned to the Internet and was amazed to find no publications covering

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  • The World of Majesty and the World of Faith

    The World of Majesty and the World of Faith

    The world of majesty and the world of faith: A comparative discourse between Soloveitchik, Kierkegaard and Mendelssohn Intro First I must make the reader aware of that the comparison is more of a dual one then a trilateral in the sense that I will compare the respective thinkers to Joseph

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  • The Worth of an Action

    The Worth of an Action

    My purpose in writing this paper is to illustrate the most important factors in determining the moral worth of an action. There are several arguments and views, however I will utilize only three. First, there's Mill's utilitarian view, which argues that it's the consequences of an act that decide the

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  • Theism or Lack There Of?

    Theism or Lack There Of?

    awhile back i was faced with a question that i've never really been confronted with. if the subject came up, usually i'd just dance around the subject or would say what was expected to hear.until now... so what are my beliefs or faith...or whatever else u wanna call it? i

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  • Theistic Evolution

    Theistic Evolution

    I do not wish to change anyone's beliefs about Creation or Evolution, but wrote this in defense for people who tell me I am wrong unless I believe exactly what they do. This paper is short, incomplete, and is not in-depth. I am willing to provide more information, and hear

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  • Theology


    Johnna Kincaid Theology 202 Intro to the New Testament October 1st 2007 The Gospels Matthew and Luke of the New Testament contrast to be surprisingly different. The concepts in each book seem to be the same, however, when you take a closer look you can see many clear differences. First

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  • Theories of Philosophy

    Theories of Philosophy

    When we view the philosophy of mind we encounter many problems, the main being that although there are many theories on this topic it is impossible to prove any of them and thus this problem is still unresolved. How is it that we can understand more about the universe and

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  • Theorists


    St. Augustine defines evil as the corruption of one self. He states" All beings are made good, but not being made perfectly good, are liable to corruption." He uses this definition in order to explain why even though there is a God and he is supremely and unchangeably good there

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  • Theory of Care Vs. Theory of Justice

    Theory of Care Vs. Theory of Justice

    Theory of Care Vs. Theory of Justice Ethical philosophy has been defined on two separate halves over the years. One approach is that of a Theory of Justice, and one of a Theory of Care. These to theories share distinct differences in their explanations of moral reasoning. The Theory of

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  • Theory of Creativity

    Theory of Creativity

    "Alice is brilliant, but she doesn't have a drop of creative talent." "Barbara is wonderfully creative, but she does poorly on standardized tests." "Carlos always has interesting approaches to problems, but he just doesn't fit into the traditional school environment." How many times have we, as teachers, administrators, researchers, or

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  • Theory of Ecological Literacy

    Theory of Ecological Literacy

    In the article “Ecological Literacy: Education and the Transition to a Postmodern World,” David Orr (1992) presents his argument about the lack of emphasis on ecological literacy by our education system and how this discrepancy can be bad for society as a whole. Orr (1992) precedes his argument with an

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  • Theory of Evolution

    Theory of Evolution

    One of the most controversial issues in regards to civilization is evolution. Some philosophers, along with certified experts studying people, believed that evolution from monkeys is how we got to be as we are today. Others believe that there is no such thing as evolution and that the land of

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  • Theory of Forms

    Theory of Forms

    Introduction Plato expounded his Theory of Forms over a writing career of some forty years. The theory was being refined over this period and is never fully explained in any one dialogue. Thus, any explanation of the theory, involves piecing together fragments as they appear throughout Plato's writings, and recasting

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  • Theory of Recollection

    Theory of Recollection

    According to Socrates, the theory of recollection is that all knowledge is known from previous experience. His belief is that we already know everything and have known it since we were born, we simply recall these facts from memory when we re-learn them. It begins when Socrates seeks the true

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  • There Is a Wisdom of the Head, and a Wisdom of Heart

    There Is a Wisdom of the Head, and a Wisdom of Heart

    “There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom[a] of heart” An essay on wisdom is very delusional because[b] it varies from person to perception, where grey areas are only debatable without providing solutions for all. Then what is wisdom? Is it the knowledge or insight? For me, wisdom

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  • There Is No Single Problem of Personal Identity, but Rather a Wide Range of Loosely Connected Questions

    There Is No Single Problem of Personal Identity, but Rather a Wide Range of Loosely Connected Questions

    There is no single problem of personal identity, but rather a wide range of loosely connected questions. Here are the main ones: Who am I? We often speak of one's "personal identity" as what makes one the person one is. Your identity in this sense consists roughly of those properties

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  • There Is No Such Thing as the Essential Nature of Man

    There Is No Such Thing as the Essential Nature of Man

    There is no such thing as the Essential Nature of Man. What is a human identity, why do we have an urge to separate ourselves from animals and seek individualism as a species? Is there such a thing as an essential nature of man? In order to determine this, we

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  • Think Philosophically

    Think Philosophically

    The meaning of "the goods of the mind are at least as important as the goods of the body" by Russel is good if we provide ourselves with the goods for our body as well as our mind. We can not separate the mind and the body because we think

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  • Thinking About Adversity

    Thinking About Adversity

    Often in life we come to a stage where we’re thinking, вЂ?’Things are just not working they way they should beвЂ™Ð²Ð‚™. We get frustrated because we’re in a situation we don’t want be in in life. One thing you must understand is that what we will ever do is influenced

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  • Thinking Critically Simulation

    Thinking Critically Simulation

    Thinking Critically" Simulation In the "Thinking Critically" simulation I tried to use the fishbone or cause and effect tool to help me try to identify the problem. I varied the approach by listing possible symptoms and then tried to determine the root causes. The critical urgent items I had listed

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  • Third World Countries

    Third World Countries

    Currently the background of developing, third world countries are products made by child labor. So if we would ban those companies who are producing goods made by child labor many children would loose their job they will be left homeless because many of those children are orphans, don't have home

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