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The Personality of a God

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Kala Gardner

The Personality of a God

In the year of 2003 there are many types of religions that are practiced in the United States, which involves a God, or a divine power. My personal preference of religion is Christianity. I believe in Jesus Christ and the all mighty God Jehovah. The characteristics of a God varies from religion to religion, but all leading up to love, an everlasting peaceful life, and salvation; therefore, giving strength to all human beings that believe in them and has faith in them.

Loving is the first characteristic trait that Jehovah possesses The first book of Moses indicates, for he made man in his own image and gave him dominion over all the land and animals (Bib.Gen.); therefore, this was the first act of love; furthermore, he so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son to save it (Jn.3: 16). Jehovah's love surpasses any kind of love that may be found upon the face of the earth because his love is unconditional. He is a merciful God. All sins may be washed away if you are sincere when you call upon him. His door is always open. He has no set hours of the day or night when you can call upon him. There are millions of people around the world that worship Jehovah, for these reasons, and more.

Jehovah is a savior, for he freed slaves of all nationalities thus, I am not a slave, but I am a descendant of slaves, yet I can relate to the praises given to God, for releasing my ancestors from their bondage, for I live in a time now where faith in Christ helps me to cope with life's obstacles, racism, and self-made mistakes, for his presence is always there with me providing comfort and assurance. Atheist disbelieve in Jehovah because they have never seen him, or talked to him. Jehovah is a God and he doesn't have to prove himself to them by standing in their face just, so that they can see that he exists; whereas, polytheism on the other hand, are frowned up on by Jehovah, for he is a jealous God, and doesn't want his children to love anyone more than he (Ex.34: 14).

The word provider pertains to Jehovah. He blesses us with food, shelter, clothing, and time. Each day that we open our eyes is a blessing because he didn't have to wake us up. He also gives us the freedom of choice. We don't have to worship him, or keep his commandments, but there is a penalty, for not doing so. If we should die and go to hell it isn't because he wanted us to, but because we chose to. Turning a death ear to God is not wise, for he wants to love us and, for us to love him in return, but if we chose to disobey and



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