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Personal Narrative - God Saved Me from Fire

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Essay Preview: Personal Narrative - God Saved Me from Fire

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Personal Narrative- God Saved Me from Fire

I look back upon my life and realize that if it were not for God, I would be dead. On one tragic day, God was protecting me. It's amazing that something so innocent could turn into something so deadly and unexpectedly. I am reminded about a verse in the bible that tells us that tomorrow is never promised to any of us, but also that "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord to those who are called according to His purpose." With this in mind I will begin to tell you my miraculous story.

During one winter day, my grandparents and I were alone in the house. My grandparents did not speak any English, and I did not speak very much Spanish. Therefore, it was very hard for us to communicate with each other. It was very cold during this time, so we wanted to start a fire. I thought I knew how to start a fire in the fireplace, but I guess I really did not. Since my grandfather's did not speak any English, it made it impossible for him to give me proper directions. I forgot to open the chimney chute, and my grandfather turned on the gas all the way, causing the gas to leak out. When I lit the match, I was consumed in fire. A strange yet very comfortable feeling rushed over me and the gas and fire retreated back rather than spreading like it should have. I know it was the hand of God that protected me.

As I look back on that event I can see that God saved my life for a special purpose. This purpose has been made real to me as I grow stronger in Christ. The plan that God has for me in the future is to open up a home for children who are abused in anyway, and they will be given a safe Christian atmosphere to live in. If I died on that day, I could not fulfill His plan for my life.



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