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Personal Narrative Essay

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Everyone in this world has an image they put for themselves.A person can portrayed as whoever they want to be,but know who they truly are as a person.Others that look at you as a person have their opinion on you whether they know who you are or not.There are times we all judge a person.I am guilty of doing so.Now I take this experience and learn that I should not judge a book by its cover.

As a little girl I always told to stay away from strangers.A simple rule I followed because my parents told me too.This was for my own safety of course,but now looking back at it I was judging others right away.Now judging a book by its cover can be done naturally by a person.I did judged a person without even knowing them.Now,let me tell you a story when I judged a person totally by their cover and now we are bestfriends.

One Sunday morning,just moved into my new neighborhood and was just so excited that we were finally settled in our new home.I was 10 years old at this time and yes I played with dolls.I was playing with my dolls on the grass in the front yard.Then I just saw someone’s hand just pick up my doll and start playing with it.My first thought was like who is this person grabbing my dolls without my permission.It was this little girl named Katherine Alva my next door neighbor.”Hello my name is Katherine,i just saw you in the front and thought i should come say hi.”Now I have manners of course so I replied,”Hi Katherine,my name is Rachel.”Then,this little girl had the audacity to take my doll and said,”Ok,bye Rachel.”I was sad and mad at the same time.I cleaned up all toys and went inside my house.It was my mission to get my doll back.

Katherine’s first impression was not good.I thought she was mean and disrespectful.I was thinking wow is this really gonna be the type of neighbor I have?I did not whether to tell my parents or not.I did not want to seem like a brat.But, I went to talk to my older sister Cathy I asked what i should do.She told me,”Rachel i can go over to that girl’s house and you can ask for your doll back,”I thought it was a great idea.My sister and I agreed it will do it the next day because it was already too late to go over.My mission was gonna start tomorrow.It was the next day,it was around 12 pm when my sister and I went over to the house.We rang the doorbell and was waiting for someone to answer.Katherine’s mom answered and said,”Hello,do you want me to get katherine.”I replied,”Yes,may



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