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  • Tok Essay - “it Is only Knowledge Produced with Difficulty That We Truly Value” to What Extent Do You Agree with This Statement?

    Tok Essay - “it Is only Knowledge Produced with Difficulty That We Truly Value” to What Extent Do You Agree with This Statement?

    I believe it is true that humans most value knowledge that is produced with difficulty. This can be explored through the lens of science, history, and math. Everyone has different views, even on the topic of knowledge’s value. The production of knowledge comes from a variety of sources, whether it

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  • Too Many Kids Go to College

    Too Many Kids Go to College

    Joseph Devora 1/26/17 PHIL 110-19 Too Many Kids Go To College The Debate held at the Chicago Ideas Week on the question if too many kids go to college was very informational. There were many convincing facts presented by both sides of the debate. Peter Thiel and Charles Murray who

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  • Torture


    In the Webster's dictionary it is defined as: an infliction of severe physical pain as a means of punishment or coercion. I think this definition makes more sense and gives the word more meaning. When we took a look at some of the gruesome pictures of torture that made me

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  • Towards the Formulation of the Most Appropriate

    Towards the Formulation of the Most Appropriate

    Education plays a crucial r0le in national development as it serves as a powerful catalyst for change. Cognizant of this vital role of education, the Philippines has provided for provisions to ensure that the citizens of the country are given access to their right for quality education. Hence, in Article

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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Description: UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN FACULTY OF CREATIVE INDUSTRIES BACHELOR OF COMMUNICATION (HONS) BROADCASTING UJMC 2003 AUDIENCE AND RECEPTION STUDIES Name Student ID Chua Pei-Nie 1407459 Lee Ching Yee 1200083 Low Hor Yan 1400030 Moh Hoy Yi 1400172 Yong Xin Yi 1400119 Lecturer : Mrs. Joey Tutor : Mrs.

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  • Traditional Versus Modern Ethics

    Traditional Versus Modern Ethics

    Well, at any given time there are many different standards of ethics around the world, depending on where you are. The main thing to know is that ethics are winding down, things are getting less ethical, and they are developing into something worse. The early developments in moral and political

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  • Traditional View of Proper Sexual Conduct

    Traditional View of Proper Sexual Conduct

    Part I 1. Is there a traditional conception pf proper sexual conduct in our society? What is it? Critically discuss arguments favoring this traditional view. Critically discuss on what grounds the tradition can be attacked? In our society, a code of proper sexual conduct has been established. The code has

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  • Tragedy = Fun

    Tragedy = Fun

    Tragedy = Fun A tragedy, by definition, is hardly a piece of optimistic literature; the very thought of an optimistic tragedy seems like a laughable farce. Searching for hope in the confines of a tragedian's work is a foolish endeavor, and this is why making an argument for optimism amidst

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  • Transcendentalism


    Transcendentalism was a movement in philosophy, literature, and religion that emerged and was popular in the nineteenth century New England because of a need to redefine man and his place in the world in response to a new and changing society. The industrial revolution, universities, westward expansion, urbanization and immigration

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  • Transcendentalism in Modern Art

    Transcendentalism in Modern Art

    The majority of people, when they listen to music they are most likely not thinking about philosophy much less the idea of transcendentalism. In fact, if one were to ask about the transcendentalist beliefs they probably wouldn't know they are; it's amazing to see how many of the ideas are

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  • Trapped in a Fake World

    Trapped in a Fake World

    To understand what it truly means to be a brain in a vat one must understand the meaning of these words. The proper definition of "Vat" is a large vessel, tube, cistern, or barrel used to hold or store liquids. So essentially what it means to be a brain in

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  • Treastie on Thinking

    Treastie on Thinking

    What you are about to read are only my thoughts. The thoughts in which I would pay any amount of money not to behold for I wish I could be simple minded and just follow instead of being damned with holding thoughts that no one else shares. The whole idea,

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  • Treatise of Human Natur

    Treatise of Human Natur

    In section iii of "Treatise of Human Nature", Hume states that "reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions, and can never pretend to any other office than to serve and obey them". With that being said, he considers passion to be ruler or leader of

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  • Trial of Socrates

    Trial of Socrates

    In the trial of Socrates I am going to show that the defendant is not guilty on the first charge of corrupting the youth. My justifications for this vote are as follows. Socrates didn't corrupt the youth, he just shared his ideas with them and they in turn chose the

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  • Trinitarian Metaphysics

    Trinitarian Metaphysics

    Metaphysics of the Trinity by Augustine In order to try to grasp the Doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity Saint Augustine presents to us it’s Metaphysics. The Catholic Church believes that God reveals Himself to us in three ways: Sacred Scripture, Creation and Tradition. Scripture: “Then God saidвЂ¦Ð²Ð‚Ñœ (Genesis 1:3)

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  • Trojan War

    Trojan War

    The Trojan War has its roots in the marriage between Peleus and Thetis, a sea-goddess. Peleus and Thetis had not invited Eris, the goddess of discord, to their marriage and the outraged goddess stormed into the wedding banquet and threw a golden apple onto the table. The apple belonged to,

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  • True Existence

    True Existence

    True existence A waking life is what we all live but sometimes we cannot decipher whether or not we are awake .Wiley Wiggins quest to find if this world that he lives in is a realm of thought or the real thing, brings you the views of many passionate individuals

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  • True Guardian in Republic - Euthyphro and Crito

    True Guardian in Republic - Euthyphro and Crito

    True Guardian in Republic, Euthyphro and Crito In the Republic, Socrates creates an imaginary world which is completely different from that time’s Greece. He defines a new type of rulers called true guardians who are supposed to rule this new world and fully determines their characteristics and calls them philosopher

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  • True Justice According to St. Augustine

    True Justice According to St. Augustine

    True justice according to St. Augustine Augustine lived during the fall of the Roman Empire and had a Roman education. As can be concluded from the title, Augustine was a Christian, but not for whole his life. He got baptized after a period of personal drama, caused by a personal

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  • True Justified Beliefs

    True Justified Beliefs

    A true justified belief, on account of knowledge, is one that is irrefutable. Or so we were lead to believe prior to knowing and understanding Gettier's "problem", that is, the one with this whole idea. If we intend to seek knowledge, we must first and foremost lay down the ground

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  • Truly Understanding Truth

    Truly Understanding Truth

    �The grass is green,’ �there is a staple holding the pages of this essay together,’ �there is a statue of Peter Canisius in the center of the upper quad at Canisius College.’ These sentences all have one thing in common, truth. But how can one be so sure these statements

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  • Trust Case

    Trust Case

    Can you trust someone ? Can you say without thinking that someone you trust ? I ... Yes. But only one person. For a long time I had a man whose thought was a friend. One argument , and everything went wrong . I did not want that. But ,

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  • Truth


    One mid November Monday morning at the local elementary school a space opened up for the position of "truth" advisor. Out of necessity to fill this vacant position I, the principle, begin the day by writing the "help wanted" advertisement for the local paper. Other than the normal education requirements,

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  • Truth in Picasso's the Old Guitarist

    Truth in Picasso's the Old Guitarist

    Martin Heidegger regards language to be the ultimate reality, and holds poetry to be the highest and most authentic form. Language became a quasi-divinity, the ultimate reality or medium which explains the world to us. Heidegger takes this idea further to say all art is essentially poetry. He furthermore states

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  • Turing Machine

    Turing Machine

    A turing machine can be defined as a "device with a finite number of internal configurations, each of which involves the machine's being in one of a finite number of states". This means that in a machine there are certain inputs that when implemented will produce a certain output. These

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  • Tv Violence

    Tv Violence

    i dont wantViolence Caused by T.V. Televisions growing popularity in the 1950's gradually gave way to the effects of violence during society. Leading up to today, children repeatedly commit acts of violence seen on television, through aggressiveness and desensitizing. These effects may be noticeable in the child's early stages of

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  • Two Conceptions of Freedom or Two Appearances of a Single Conception?

    Two Conceptions of Freedom or Two Appearances of a Single Conception?

    In his essay "Two Concepts of Liberty," Isaiah Berlin distinguishes between two conceptions of freedom, namely negative and positive conception of freedom. Basically he defines negative liberty as the absence of coercion. He states: "To coerce a man is to deprive him of freedom" (121). According to him, coercion is

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  • Two Critical Analyses of Hemingway's "hills like White Elephants"

    Two Critical Analyses of Hemingway's "hills like White Elephants"

    Two Critical Analyses of Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants" In "Hills Like White Elephants: The Jilting Of Jig," Nilofer Hashmi explores the many different layers of symbolism, the role of the American male, and the possible outcomes of the story. The use of symbolism is great in this story; therefore

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  • Ty


    I saw my ex-husband in the street. I was sitting on the steps of the new library. Hello, my life, I said. We had once been married for twenty-seven years, so I felt justified. He said, What? What life? No life of mine. I said, O.K. I don't argue when

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  • Tyger


    The Tyger In the poem the tyger William Blake shows a lot of symbolism, imagery, and irony. He likes to explain to his audience how he writes with all the knowledge he knows. Reading this poem makes me think of how a person feels when he is taken advantage of

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