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  • The Cause and Effect of Happiness Within Human Nature

    The Cause and Effect of Happiness Within Human Nature

    Taylor Armour Philosophy 106 – Grob 31 March 2016 The Cause and Effect of Happiness within Human Nature Typically, when someone is asked of his or her own opinion of what true happiness really means, most of them would not know. That is because most people do not need a

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  • The Cave and the Matrix

    The Cave and the Matrix

    Movie critics and philosophers alike agree that the movie "The Matrix" is indeed based upon certain Platonic themes from Book VII of The Republic. In this story entitled "The Allegory of the Cave," he describes a dark underground cave where a group of people are sitting in one long row

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  • The Celestine Prophecy

    The Celestine Prophecy

    The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield tells the story of a man who tries to learn and understand the nine key insights into life itself in an ancient manuscript that has been discovered in Peru. It predicts a massive spiritual transformation of society in the late twentieth century. We will

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  • The Children of Herecles

    The Children of Herecles

    In the story The Children of Heracles written by Euripides he stresses the importance of taking in refugees. He shows throughout his story that refugees are the most important aspect to a culture. If you take the people out of the country then socially your country will be filled with

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  • The Chinese Room

    The Chinese Room

    The Chinese Room argument, created by John Searle, is an argument against the possibility of artificial intelligence. The argument focuses on a thought experiment in which a man who knows only English is alone in a room using English instructions for manipulating strings of Chinese symbols. Outside it appears as

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  • The Choice Is Clear

    The Choice Is Clear

    America stands to elect one of two men as its head of state. It stands at a cross roads where it can go down one of two ways. The two men who have the Presidency of the greatest nation on Earth within their reach are as different as light and

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  • The Christian Concept of God

    The Christian Concept of God

    THE CHRISTIAN CONCEPT OF GOD Christians claim that their concept of God is found in the Bible. Known as classical theism, this view of God has long been considered the orthodox theistic position of the Western world. Though there are numerous divine attributes that we could examine, for our present

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  • The Clan Culture

    The Clan Culture

    The Clan Culture As Cameron and Quinn describe each culture in great depth in the context of for-profit companies, this paper will summarize the cultures and apply them to the foundation setting. Starting from the top left box of the quadrant, the Clan culture is one that is similar to

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  • The Communist Manifesto Written by Karl Marx

    The Communist Manifesto Written by Karl Marx

    The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx explains the history of all societies as the history of class conflicts, he claims that the power and direction of all societies is determined by the modes of production, as such when the mode of production no longer suits the relations of society

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  • The Concept of Gravity's Existence

    The Concept of Gravity's Existence

    Lively, brilliant and contagiously festive. Marriages consist of these factors plus are one of the most important occasions for all those involved especially the bride and groom. In the past, marriages reflected the values and customs of a culture in their respective country where inter-religion marriages were virtually unheard of.

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  • The Contradictory Nature of Soft Determinism

    The Contradictory Nature of Soft Determinism

    The Contradictory Nature of Soft Determinism I. Introduction "There is a continuum between free and unfree, with many or most acts lying somewhere in between." (Abel, 322) This statement is a good summation of how Nancy Holmstrom's view of free will allows for degrees of freedom depending on the agent's

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  • The Conumdrum of Business

    The Conumdrum of Business

    1. MISSION OF NORTH COUNTRY AUTO AND NEW CAR SALES DEPT. The long term mission of our company is to maximize profit by increasing margins and volume of sales. Given the stiff competition in the industry, and a combination of high inventories and a more educated customer, our immediate objective

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  • The Cosmological Argument

    The Cosmological Argument

    The arguments presented from William Rowe in The Cosmological Argument conclude that although the Cosmological Argument might be a sound argument, it does not provide good rational grounds for believing that among those beings that exist there is one whose existence is accounted for by its own nature. Rowe reasons

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  • The Cosmological Argument

    The Cosmological Argument

    The Cosmological Argument attempts to prove that God exists by showing that there cannot be an infinite number of regressions of causes to things that exist. It states that there must be a final uncaused-cause of all things. This uncaused-cause is asserted to be God. The cosmological argument is basically

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  • The Cosmological Error

    The Cosmological Error

    The Cosmological Argument, according to William Rowe, depends on the Principle of Sufficient Reason. This creates a problem because the Principle of Sufficient Reason is challengeable. In this paper, I will discuss how this is true. The Cosmological Argument is an argument for the belief in God. It has three

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  • The Creation Ofconsciosness

    The Creation Ofconsciosness

    THE CREATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS ***************************** Was or is the Great Philosopher Hegel,right when he said that when we become the continuous reencarnation of God on the Physical Plane we are creating the Inmortality of Consciousness on the material visible light world. But then again right or wrong is only a

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  • The Crito

    The Crito

    In the Last Days of Socrates the dialogue "Crito" recounts Socrates last days before his execution. Socrates had been accused of corrupting the youth and not worshipping the Gods of the state. During his trial he denied all accusations and attempted to defend himself by proving his innocence using reason

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  • The Crito Written by Plato

    The Crito Written by Plato

    Crito In "The Crito" written by Plato, the philosopher, Socrates, has been accused by the state of Athens and sentenced to death for his teachings that they thought were questionable. Socrates does not argue about his sentence but agrees with it, he chooses to die because he wants to do

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  • The Crucible of Methodic Doubt

    The Crucible of Methodic Doubt

    It is possible to doubt most all of our beliefs. Ð'-Rene' Descartes Rene' Descartes, often referred to as the father of modern philosophy, was very pessimistic in his ponderings. He doubted all until he was only left with cogito, ergo sum or I think, therefore I am. Why did Descartes

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  • The Death of Antigone

    The Death of Antigone

    In Sophocles' Antigone, Antigone saw her action of burying her brother as a just one. It may not have been just in the eyes of Creon and the people of Thebes, but she was not concerned with the laws that mortals had made. Antigone saw the divine laws of the

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  • The Death of Liberal America

    The Death of Liberal America

    Americans seem to have lost any sense whatsoever of what liberalism means and what it strives to insure. Liberals have insisted that tyranny can only be combated by the multiplication and fragmentation of power. A free society is one in which there are various centers of power, various positions from

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  • The Death of Socrates

    The Death of Socrates

    The Death of Socrates Viewing the painting “The Death of Socrates” by Jacques-Louis David, one can perceive many different subject matters, both literally and metaphorically. The obvious is seen within the setting of the painting. The clear illustration of where the event is happening provides the onlooker with a glimpse

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  • The Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence

    In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote "that all men are created equalÐ'... with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" (78). The fundamental meaning of life is a collection of experiences from birth to death. Liberty is defined as freedom from

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  • The Desire Satisfaction Theory of Wellbeing Is Implausible.

    The Desire Satisfaction Theory of Wellbeing Is Implausible.

    The desire satisfaction theory is one of the leading theories of wellbeing. I will briefly outline the desire satisfaction theory, referred to as desire satisfactionism, and explain why it might appear more attractive than other competing theories. I will then outline several objections and the responses to these objections. I

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  • The Difference Between Science and Religion

    The Difference Between Science and Religion

    Science has had a short life when compared to religion. Yet we've seen civilizations better themselves a thousandfold since hands unclasped, grabbed scientific instruments and started measuring the world. Is science some form of new religion? Or is science different from religion? Debates of this matter have been common since

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  • The Difficulty in Living Life as a Stoic

    The Difficulty in Living Life as a Stoic

    The Difficulty in Living Life as a Stoic Life as a Stoic is one focused on improving the world. In more specific terms, Epictetus believed the purpose of moral philosophy was to help show people the way to lead better lives. A life as a Stoic philosopher is therefore an

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  • The Divided Line

    The Divided Line

    The Divided Line Plato wrote about many things in The Republic including how we humans use knowledge and opinion by the analogy of the divided line. In the divided line there is no such thing as total ignorance. Everyone has knowledge, but some have more than others. The divided line

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  • The Divine Command Theory

    The Divine Command Theory

    Divine Command Theory In The Elements of Moral Philosophy James Rachels defines the Divine Command Theory as, "the basic idea that God decides what is right and wrong"(51). Those that believe in this theory believe that what God commands as good and evil is the absolute truth and should be

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  • The Doctrine of the Mean

    The Doctrine of the Mean

    The doctrine of the mean "Virtue, then is a state of character concerned with choices, lying in mean, that is, the mean relative to us, this being determined by a rational principle, and by that principle by which the man of practical wisdom can determine it" Aristotle maintains that virtues

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  • The Down Fall of Odysseus

    The Down Fall of Odysseus

    The Down Fall of Odysseus All throughout literature many characteristics bring the down of a person. No story is truer about that than The Odyssey. The Odyssey was a Greek epic told by the famous Homer. Odysseus is very clever and aggressive, but also very prideful. His pride causes his

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