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  • Rawl's Justice Is Fairness

    Rawl's Justice Is Fairness

    Phil.104 Word Count: Take Home Exam # 1: Essay-2 John Rawls never claimed to know the only way to start a society, but he did suggest a very sound and fair way to do so. He based his just scenario on two principles of justice. His first principle of justice

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  • Reaction Paper

    Reaction Paper

    When writing the character sketch about my father, James Thomas Jr., I didn't know what to expect from him. Was he going to like it? Nervous and scared, I didn't want to give it to him, but I did. When I came home on Friday evening, I just placed the

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  • Reaction Paper on Life and Love

    Reaction Paper on Life and Love

    Refareal, Geraldine Arosa 2012-35524 University of the Philippines, Diliman Philosophy 10: Approaches to Philosophy October 8, 2012 Life is meaningful If life was not meaningful, I guess every person I know would be dead by now. Yes, life is meaningful, considering how much I am a negativist and not really

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  • Reaction Paper: Was Marx Wrong?

    Reaction Paper: Was Marx Wrong?

    Karl Marx was an influential character of history, a man of tremendous intelligence as well as a great inspiration to many philosopher s and people past and present. Karl Marx was a man of action for the less fortunate class, in that sense his theories are not wrong, to a

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  • Reader Response #1

    Reader Response #1

    I totally agree with Thoman's idea of questioning what you see, and why you are seeing it. I have been questioning what I see on and in the media for quite a few years now, especially since serving in the military, which gave me the opportunity to see much of

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  • Reading Locke

    Reading Locke

    Reading Locke The first caveat to note is that Locke's political philosophy is divided into two discernible eras Ð'- his Oxford period (1652-66) and his Shaftesbury period, when he was employed by Lord Anthony Ashley-Cooper (later Earl of Shaftesbury) from 1666-1683 through his final years following Shaftesbury's death. The Ð''two

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  • Realism and the War on Terror

    Realism and the War on Terror

    Realist thought on international relations fit comfortably within the context of the great wars of the twentieth century. Powerful nations possessing massive military forces took aim at one another to affect the hierarchical structure of the international system for the good of their own security and power. These wars, however,

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  • Realism and You.

    Realism and You.

    Realism and You: Realism as a political paradigm utilizes or views/perceives the world as it is, or as it has been experienced. In contrast to idealists, who seek to provide society form of social or political organization. Realism assumes obtainment and securement of power as the primary goal of any

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  • Realism Versus Antirealism

    Realism Versus Antirealism

    The conceptualization of the behavioral phenomena is one of the most controversy subjects from realism and antirealism perspective. The individuality of humans' perception and behavior would give the idealist antirealists, such as Berkeley, a golden chance to say that it is impossible to view it as mind-independent entity. However, as

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  • Reality Case

    Reality Case

    Everyone has both Romantic and Anti-Romantic tendencies, and in poems people express their deepest feelings and thoughts. Often when life gets hard, escaping to our imagination, childhood, feelings, or nature, seems like the easiest thing to do. In the short poem "Birches" by Robert Frost we see Frost begin by

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  • Reality Vs. Fantasy

    Reality Vs. Fantasy

    RenÐ"© Descartes, author of "Meditation 1", writes how he must erase everything he had ever learned and thought to be true and must "begin again from the first foundations" (222). One may ask how Descartes came to this conclusion. The answer is that of he "realized how many were the

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  • Reasoning


    The mind is a model and showpiece for efficiency of thought, whether or not these thoughts lead to contradictory consequences or facts they all begin in the imagination. What I mean by this is simply; the act of inquiring is the first step in becoming knowledgeable. Knowledge is power, and

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  • Reasoning and Perspectivism: The Means to Freedom and Truth

    Reasoning and Perspectivism: The Means to Freedom and Truth

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Truth has had to be fought for every step of the way, almost everything else dear to our hearts, on which our love and our trust in life depend, has had to be sacrificed to it. Greatness of the soul is needed for it: the service of truth is

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  • Reasons Vs. Causes

    Reasons Vs. Causes

    Reasons vs. Causes • Reasons tell us why we ought to believe (do) something. Causes tell us why we in fact do believe (do something). • Reasons are normative, causes are factual. • Reasons justify, causes explain. (Caution: the terms here are imprecise, and we use terms such as вЂ?explanation’

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  • Recommendation Case

    Recommendation Case

    Greetings, I would like to introduce myself as a potential candidate for your graduate program beginning in the spring semester of 2012. My name is Tiffany Moore I am currently a Service Consultant for CenterPoint Energy at the Bellaire Service Center. I plan on pursuing a MBA degree to better

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  • Reconsider the Construction of Original Position in a Theory of Justice

    Reconsider the Construction of Original Position in a Theory of Justice

    A Theory of Justice by John Rawls has been the most classical work in the field of contemporary political and moral philosophy. In this book, Rawls tries to build a system of normative ethics in which justice is placed as the first virtue of social institutions and the problem of

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  • Refining Solutions

    Refining Solutions

    Refining Solution In the story of the mother and son team that decided on going into the business of making drinking glasses out the consumed bottles of bottled beverages, the mother had an issue using her house as the warehouse and does not want to hit the streets to sell

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  • Reflection Case

    Reflection Case

    reflection Log In this reflection log, I would like to choose "transmitting interpersonal messages" as an interactive skill that I want to improve. There are mainly two reasons for me to choose this interactive skill. First of all, it is relevant to my future. As my major is finance, I

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  • Reflection of Aristotle

    Reflection of Aristotle

    Reflection of Aristotle Aristotle believed that the goal of all human life is to achieve ultimate happiness. Happiness is the final Utopia or the end of “a life worth living.” Human instinct is characterized by achieving personal fulfillment, thus leading to happiness. Aristotle warns against going astray and “preferring a

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  • Reflection on Discourse on the Method

    Reflection on Discourse on the Method

    Descartes is one of the most important western philosophers of the past few centuries. His greatest and most famous work is Discourse on the Method. In this book Descartes questions his own existence, and knowledge that he obtained from different sources. Main arguments of the book are well developed by

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  • Reflection on Spider, the Movie

    Reflection on Spider, the Movie

    "Spider" is a psychological thriller about a mentally insane man trying to cope with his past. When he moves into a halfway house and stops taking his medication, his past starts catching up to him. At the beginning of the movie, we see Spider's adoration for his mother. When asked

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  • Reflections on Kant

    Reflections on Kant

    Reflections on Kant Kant's essays, "Idea for a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Purpose:, and "An Answer to the Question; Ð''What is Enlightenment?'"Ð' As our colleague RMeyBrown did, I would also offer a brief introduction of myself. My name is Anne Shaw, and I am also a doctoral student in

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  • Rehtorical Analysis of Philosophy: Who Needs It

    Rehtorical Analysis of Philosophy: Who Needs It

    The speech "Philosophy: Who Needs It?" by Ayn Rand is addressed to the class of '74 at West Point. It was not a speech given at graduation but at an evening seminar hosted by the philosophy department. I'm not sure how famous Ayn Rand was at that time but I

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  • Reid's Perception and Idea-Talk

    Reid's Perception and Idea-Talk

    First off, here's what was for me a modern-day Ð'- and probably wrong-headed Ð'- way in to his Inquiry: We want an account of how we successfully perceive and interact with the world in which any questions which would be ultimately unanswerable anyway could be acknowledged up front and integrated

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  • Rekindle the Fire

    Rekindle the Fire

    Rekindle the Fire THE PROBLEM: BURNOUT In my younger years I recall the older generation often saying, "Just keep on living." That often followed a discussion or revelation of the representative of the older generation sharing dismay over a certain pain, or reflection over a missed opportunity and then still

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  • Relationship Between Body and Mind of Serial Killers

    Relationship Between Body and Mind of Serial Killers

    Averett Michael J Averett Professor Buynak Philosophy 102 February 23, 2016 Relationship between Body and Mind of Serial Killers Serial killers are defined as those that kill at least three people in three different instances, usually with a cooling off period (Aamodt 2005). Serial killers are very different than those

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  • Relatives in Aristotle's Categories : Research for a Discriminating Criterion

    Relatives in Aristotle's Categories : Research for a Discriminating Criterion

    RELATIVES IN ARISTOTLE'S CATEGORIES : RESEARCH FOR A DISCRIMINATING CRITERION In the treatise of Categories, after enumerating the ten categories in Chapter IV, Aristotle undertakes to examine each of the principle four in a separate Chapter. On the first reading, it seems difficult to understand Aristotle's goal in this detailed

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  • Relativism


    The year was 1943. Hundreds of Jewish people were being marched into the gas chambers in accordance with Adolf Hitler's orders. In the two years that followed, millions of Jews were killed and only a fraction survived the painful ordeals at the Nazi German prison camps. However, all of the

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  • Relativism


    Relativism Relativism is the philosophical position that all points of view are equally valid and that all truth is relative to the individual. Under the umbrella of relativism, there are many different groups, like cognitive, moral, and situational relativism. In moral/ethical relativism it amounts to saying that all moralities are

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  • Relativity


    Relativism is sometimes identified (usually by its critics) as the thesis that all points of view are equally valid. In ethics, this amounts to saying that all moralities are equally good; in epistemology it implies that all beliefs, or belief systems, are equally true. Critics of relativism typically dismiss such

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