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  • Organizing Functions

    Organizing Functions

    Organizing Functions Our department has a great organizational structure that has to follow guidelines and codes to complete our job as a group. We consist of one vice president, two senior directors, one associate manager, one manager, and then the staff. Our staff is made up of senior coordinators and

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  • Origin of Universe

    Origin of Universe

    Religion, myths and science have tried to explain the beginning of the Universe. What do you believe most? Explain. Scientists believe that the whole universe was formed through the big bang, a term used to describe a segmentation of a singularity, a very dense but small object which exploded and

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  • Otherness Paper

    Otherness Paper

    Otherness Project Exceptional Learners David Trieff I am deaf. I am at Starbucks. I want to order coffee. I have to do it on paper rather than out loud because I speak so poorly, I don't like to try. I intend to write it down and show it to the

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  • Our Senses: A Dangerous Gift

    Our Senses: A Dangerous Gift

    The issue of our mistrust and or trust in our humanly senses remains a building block for philosophies of many notorious philosophers. In the discussions "The Allegory of the Cave" written by Plato and "Meditation: The Path to Enlightenment" by Siddhartha Gautama, The Buddha, both analyze the issue of our

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  • Ousia - Fundamental or Independent

    Ousia - Fundamental or Independent

    There is one thing which all existing things have in common. It is the something particular to each natural body which, imparts to it an independent existence, is cause of its existence, and it determines individuality. For example, when you talk of being healthy, there must be something which is

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  • Outline: Philosophy of Education

    Outline: Philosophy of Education

    Outline: Philosophy of Education I. Introduction A. Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences B. My future classroom C. My role as a male educator II. Definition of Philosophies A. Philosophies 1. Existentialism B. Ways of Knowing 1. Eastern Ways of Knowing a. Chinese thought C. Styles of Teaching 1. Humanism

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  • Outsourcing


    Ethics Paper Topic # 1: Option Two Outsourcing is defined as sending out (work, for example) to an outside provider or manufacturer in order to cut costs. This although creates a moral dilemma, we then wonder is it good or bad? It takes jobs away from people here at home

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  • Own Ethic

    Own Ethic

    I'd never really thought of placing my own ethics in this site but as several people have asked to this list, I thought "Well, why not?" I began like most people, with a basic concept of being honest, and over the years added to this 'code of ethics' and refined

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  • Pablo Picasso

    Pablo Picasso

    In the past, there was a great deal of mystery when it came to creativity and creative undertakings (Dickhut, 2001, p.2). Creativity still has not been correctly defined within the world of science. Creativity can be easily confused with intelligence, wisdom, ingenuity, insight, or intuition, all of these terms can

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  • Paley


    "There cannot be design without a designer." This quote and many other statements in William Paley's argument lead me to believe that William Paley is trying to argue that there is a designer for everything from the universe to watches. The origin of the universe can be very complicated but

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  • Parable of the Sadhu

    Parable of the Sadhu

    Parable of the Sadhu: Analysis from three general approaches. The "Parable of the Sadhu" presents a complex situation which action immediate action was necessary. Sadhu, an Indian holy man, was discovered naked and barely alive by a group of multicultural mountaineers during their journey. Each ethnic group did a little

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  • Parable of the Sadhu

    Parable of the Sadhu

    Forty years after the Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA), full time working women still earn an average of 80 percent for each dollar earned by men. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 1999 women earned only 72 cents for every dollar than men earned. This is approximately a

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  • Paramenides


    On Nature According to Parmendides, your journey into death is like the journey into life; there are options just like in life (the paths of night and day). Parmendides believes that there is an afterlife and vividly explains that when you get to the gates, there will be someone there

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  • Parents + Teachers = Conflicts

    Parents + Teachers = Conflicts

    As we are introduced to the four key beliefs that form the framework for the MIT program here at City University, (Preparation, Practice, People, and Professionalism) I have chosen to focus first on People, since people are at the core of what we are seeking to become. Obviously there are

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  • Parents Are Teachers.

    Parents Are Teachers.

    Many people think that those who are the best teachers in their life are parents. However, I disagree with that statement. I will give reasons for my point of view. In my opinion, there are many factors that bring us up. First of them are parents, who are the great

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  • Parmenides


    Parmenides I have begun to notice a trend that is rising in our pre-Socratic philosophers, this can be observed in that their outlook on the world was one that was searching for something that was fundamental to all that was and is. For Heraclitus it was the flux and for

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  • Parmenides' Argument

    Parmenides' Argument

    Parmenides' Argument Parmenides was an ancient philosopher who developed the ideas of "The Way of Truth" and "The Way of Opinion." The thinker introduced his ideas through an epic poem in which he claims to have visited a goddess. The goddess lets him see the "heart of well rounded truth"

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  • Parmenides: The Real Being

    Parmenides: The Real Being

    Parmenides: The Real Being Parmenides, as did Heraclitus before him, wrote about a state known as "What Is." However, they differed sharply in their view of that state. Parmenides insisted that "What Is" be viewed as a constant. Heraclitus' focus was on elements transferring to and from opposites. Parmenides concentrated

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  • Pascal's Wager

    Pascal's Wager

    The French Philosopher Blaise Pascal must have been a betting man. I make this observation based on his idea of belief in God's existence being a wager; a wager of eternal reward or eternal damnation. Pascal's Wager stated that it is in a person's best interest to believe in God's

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  • Pascal's Wager

    Pascal's Wager

    Blaise Pascal: The Wager The Wager is not easy to understand and has been dismissed by logicians. Pascal’s pages contain three distinct arguments each of which is valid. Each has the form of a decision-theoretic argument. Decision theory is the theory of deciding what to do when it is uncertain

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  • Passion and Moral Judgement

    Passion and Moral Judgement

    Passion as the Criterion for Moral Judgment Ethics is the study of human conduct or in other words the study of moral behavior. All humans use ethics in their daily actions and decisions, but not many have the opportunity to probe into the core of ethics. When Socrates said in

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  • Passion Vs Responsablity

    Passion Vs Responsablity

    Passion Vs. Responsibility In the novel Frankenstein, author Marry Shelley depicts character Victor Frankenstein as a scientist with a strong passion for forbidden knowledge and finding the answers to life through science. Though his intentions are good this leads him to the creation of a monster. Throughout the novel Frankenstein

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  • Past Meets Present

    Past Meets Present

    Delos Reyes, Nadine Ysabel B. 4th year Advertising Past Meets Present Having discussed the Middle Ages or the so-called Dark ages during the first part of the semester, I have come to realize that this was the period where a lot of persecutions, invasions, crusades, and rebellions happened. There were

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  • Past, Present & Future Paper

    Past, Present & Future Paper

    The University of Phoenix offers business degree programs geared toward working adults. These programs allow full-time professionals the opportunity to advance their education while maintaining a career. The Bachelor of Science in Business Management program focuses upon developing managerial, decision-making and evaluative skills. By completing individual and group assignments, the

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  • Paternalism Case

    Paternalism Case

    De'Asha Love (Z1684153) Soft paternalism is the view that the only condition under which paternalism is justified is when it is necessary to determine whether the person being interfered with is acting voluntarily and knowledgeably. Some may argue as to rather or not there be a good soft paternalist argument

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  • Paternalism Versus Autonomy

    Paternalism Versus Autonomy

    In the medical field there emerges a conflict that all physicians will eventually come to deal with, or are already dealing with regularly; that is the conflict of Autonomy and informed consent versus Paternalism and the doctor's intervention. In one hand, Autonomy is the principle of non-interference and the right

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  • Paulo Freire

    Paulo Freire

    The education one receives within the walls of a school is vital to the development of the mind. Ideally, the school setting is a nurturing environment that provides students with the necessary skills to prepare them for their transition into the adult world. But what is the proper way to

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  • Pausanius Noble and Vulgar Love

    Pausanius Noble and Vulgar Love

    Short Assignment: Noble Love, Vulgar Love and a Dark Side Pausanias presents his account that there are two types of love that exist. He speaks after Phaedrus who briefly describes love as a virtue in of itself and makes love out to be a wonderful and honorable state to be

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  • Pearls of Wisdom

    Pearls of Wisdom

    Growing up in a small town, everyone seems to know everyone else's business. What you tell someone in confidence will most likely turn out to be the town gossip of the next day. When I was younger, I was always worried about what other people thought of me. There are

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  • People Who Are Homosexuals Deserve to Have Equal Rights

    People Who Are Homosexuals Deserve to Have Equal Rights

    Sarah April 2000 Ethical Problems Essay / Homosexuality People Who Are Homosexuals Deserve To Have Equal Rights Homosexuality needs to be accepted. People who are homosexuals should be able to have the same rights as other married couples. If two people love each and are committed to one another why

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