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People Who Are Homosexuals Deserve to Have Equal Rights

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Essay Preview: People Who Are Homosexuals Deserve to Have Equal Rights

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April 2000

Ethical Problems

Essay / Homosexuality

People Who Are Homosexuals Deserve To Have Equal Rights

Homosexuality needs to be accepted. People who are homosexuals should be able to have the same rights as other married couples. If two people love each and are committed to one another why shouldn't they have the right to be recognized legally. People who are married can get reductions on insurance, taxes and health care. If two human beings are committed to each other they should be able to get the benefits they are entitled to. Our society should accept and support homosexuals. It will take a long time for people to accepted and support gay people.

During the 60s period, white people didn't believe blacks should have equal rights as white people. It was wrong for our society to think black people shouldn't have equal rights. ItÐ'â„-s also wrong for our society to think homosexuals shouldn't have equal rights. Homosexuality has been getting more attention with in the last few years, more people are open about their sexuality. A few years ago people were ashamed about being a gay. With in the next twenty years, homosexuality will be supported and accepted.

It shouldn't be a crime to love another human being. How will it effect anyone, if two loving people decide to get married. Our society should be supporting homosexuals and their rights. The government shouldn't have the right to tell any human being who they should love. The government is trying to stop human beings pursuit to happiness. If homosexuals are not able to get married, the government shouldn't allow black / white, Hispanic / Korean, short / tall and fat/ skinny people to get married either.

Our society should learn to accepted different kinds of people. At one point in history, Jewish people were looked down upon and killed for their religion and beliefs. WeÐ'â„-re doing the same thing to homosexuals people because theyÐ'â„-re not the same as the majority of people, theyÐ'â„-re different. We think its weird how they love the same sex. At one point we thought it was weird how Jewish people prayed.

Homosexuality is wrong, people who enjoy being with their own sex have serious mental issues. Homosexuality is the down fall of our society, it creates chaos with in the community. The law shouldn't allow people of the same sex to get married because it will only create more problems.



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