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Own Ethic

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I'd never really thought of placing my own ethics in this site but as several people have asked to this list, I thought "Well, why not?"

I began like most people, with a basic concept of being honest, and over the years added to this 'code of ethics' and refined it to what it is right now. Often I have found myself doing things just because I "have always done it this way", not thinking to mention it as part of my ethics when speaking on the subject. And then their are times when I look this over and have a new thought to add to the list.

So this was an interesting topic to work on, when I had to actually write such things down in detail. So if you are like me, a long time practitioner, try it... write down your code of ethics. You may find there is more to them than you ever realized. Enjoy!


Before each and every Reading I might do, no matter how quickly they come, I will make sure my space has been cleared and re-dedicated... sacred.

I will view each Querent as an individual and owed an individual Reading and response, based on that special individuality of theirs. I will not use canned, routine responses repeated by rote.

Before starting a Reading, I will make sure the Querent understands fully what I can offer them in the way of service, the fee, and answer any questions they have.

..... Because of my own special circumstances, I will make sure the Querent knows they have 10 days to be satisfied with their Reading, before they need to pay me, and if not satisfied, no payment is required. However, no further Readings will be done for this Querent, either.

I will be clear that a Tarot Reading is not meant to replace the Querent's own good judgement and common sense!

I will be clear that Tarot is not ...fortune telling... that I can interpret probabilities, but that the future is a fluid thing and constantly changing. Even by having a Reading done for themselves, the Querent has changed the future to some extent and can willfully change it even more, if they so desire.

I will be totally honest with the Querent, without being brutally honest.

I will do my best to be tactful, understanding, compassionate, and kind.

I will end all Readings, even not so nice ones, on a positive note. I will never let a Querent walk away upset, worried, scared, or otherwise worse off than before they came to me.

I will hold all confidences and dealings with the Querents, as private and sacred... unless in extreme cases of illegal activities and/or ramifications... or if there is a life threat, such as in a suicidal person.

In all ways will I respect the Querent's privacy, religious beliefs, and rights to their own individuality.

I will not encourage Querent dependency upon me, nor pressure repeated returns for Readings. Full readings on the same topic, will not be done more often than once a month, and no more than three times in a row...unless under unusual circumstances.

I will not be condemning, invalidating, judgmental, or in any other manner belittling and disrespectful to a Querent because of their naivete, mistakes, oversights, or



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