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Parents Are Teachers.

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Essay Preview: Parents Are Teachers.

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Many people think that those who are the best teachers in their life are parents. However, I disagree with that statement. I will give reasons for my point of view.

In my opinion, there are many factors that bring us up. First of them are parents, who are the great authority for whole our life. Certainly, this is the parent`s contribution to teach us the rules and main lines of conduct. Thanks to them and the contact, which they try to make between themselves and their child, we know how to be good people.

However, there is something that allows us to become aquinted with different situations and the world faster and also more painful. What I mean is life. In my opinion, a person learns the most from their own mistake. The parents give us only the bases for our later development. The life, in turn, teaches us how to behave and react on different situations, which not always are nice and full of positive stress. It helps us to get to known to many situations. During our, sometimes very complicated life we acquire some knowledge, which we are not able to get from books and the Internet. From time to time, it is very hard to accept the situations and troubles, with which we have to cope. But, we can be sure - from our experience - that there will be always time to rest and reconsider our life's decision one more time and then we will have a chance to change something.

Furthermore, I claim that the nice method to learn and understand more is to have close friends and try to talk to them about the situations, which are not easy neither for us nor for them. It can give us the opportunity for clearer thinking about the world and all circumstances that meet us.

To sum up, I think that apart from parents, who should be on the first place of the list of our authorities, we can learn a lot from life and also from each other. This is why, we should talk and exchange our experiences. Thanks to all of that, it will be easier for us not only to understand the world, but also to accept its and our problems.



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