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Websites for Teachers, Parents and Students

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Essay Preview: Websites for Teachers, Parents and Students

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New York State Department of Education (all subjects)- this website offers access to the New York State Standards, resource guides for all subjects, old state assessments and other teacher resources. This site has been instrumental in my lesson planning development as a first year teacher.

The Bill of Rights Institute (US History)- This website is packed with information on the founders of the United States. There are links to many primary source documents essential to the development of America, as well as e-lessons that are sent right to your email. E-Lessons include historical context information, classroom activities, pre-made handouts, discussion questions and assessments. They are great starting points for creating your own lessons. This website is also good for students and parents as a study tool. There is an online study guide that is offered, as well as preparation for DBQ's.

Liberty's Kids (US History)- Liberty's kids is a cartoon depicting the children's point of view of the American Revolution. The series broadcast's every Sunday morning and the DVD series is a great addition to a lesson. The website is best for parents and students. It is geared toward elementary and middle school students and offers a variety of games, interactive activities and self-quizzes on important Revolutionary facts. There is a section for parents and teachers to get more resources, as well.

History Teacher (All history subjects)- This website was created by a history teacher in Chappaqua, NY and consists of her lessons and projects throughout the years. While it is made for students, I found it useful as a first year teacher to see the work of an experienced teacher. I referenced several of her lessons and PowerPoints as I was developing my own lessons and units. Her site covers several history topics in multiple age ranges, from American History, Global Studies, Government, and European History. There is also a great link on her page for DBQ resources, made by teacher and some made by students.

Alternatime (Mosltly Social Studies, can cross over into other subjects)- This website provides internet timelines for many different historical events throughout history. While it is good for all subjects of history, it also provides timelines that may be useful in other subjects, such as a timeline of women in sports, a timeline of September 11th, etcÐ'... Each timeline links to another page, usually supported by credible sites such as universities, PBS, and the History Channel. It is useful for teachers as a lesson planning tool, but also to parents and students as supplemental study materials.

Newsday- Long Island, Our Story (Social Studies)- This website is a sub-link to Newsday's site, covering their special edition focusing on Long Island's rich history. There are timelines that take you through the development of Long Island, primary sources including text and pictures, and an events calendar of historical sights and events on Long Island. The website is a great addition to using the Long Island, Our Story book or newspaper insert in class.

Middle School Homework Help (all subjects)- This website provides homework assistance and online tutoring for middle school students in all subject area.



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