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What Teachers Hate About Parents

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In the article, "What Teachers Hate about Parents," Nancy Gibbs states, "But if parents are searching for the perfect teacher, teachers are looking for the ideal parent, a partner but not a pest, engaged but not obsessed, with a sense of perspective and patience." I agree with this statement completely. I think parent-teacher partnership is a very big key in the success of children.

This article talks about parents wanting their children to have the best of the best, but is it really what is for the best, or what society deems as the "the best" that parents are looking for? Often times, parents fight for their child to have the best teachers, so they can be the highest achiever in the class, which ultimately leads to getting into the top college. But what these parents don't seem to understand is what society deems as "best" may not be the greatest for the individual child. At the same time, a child's teacher spends almost eight hours a day with the child learning his/her different learning styles. I think when it comes to education; a teacher is more knowledgeable with the child's best interests.

But, even though I feel this way, a parent has the right to do and say anything in his/her child's behalf. I think the best way to accept these issues is to try to maintain a good teacher-parent alliance, and deal with each parent on an individual foundation based on the needs of each parent and their child.



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