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Reaction Paper: Was Marx Wrong?

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Essay Preview: Reaction Paper: Was Marx Wrong?

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Karl Marx was an influential character of history, a man of tremendous intelligence as well as a great inspiration to many philosopher

s and people past and present. Karl Marx was a man of action for the less fortunate class, in that sense his theories are not wrong, to a certain extent they are positve inquisitions. It is those whom have practiced Marx theories that have misinterpreted his works giving Karl Marx a negative demeanor. Specifically Lenin and Stalin are two leaders who have brought shame to the works of Karl Marx and make this philosopher

seem like a barbarian.

" Marx is a humanitarian because he took the side of the working class."-Overstreet Marx is considered a humanitarian because he was in favor of the non exploitation of the lowest class. His main concern was for the individual in society, Karl Marx's studies yield that he wanted the individuals of civilation to live fulfilled lives. In Karl Marx's economic policies he states that " The workers labor power is a commodity." This holds truth, a workers labor is very valuable, like goods that are sold by a merchant. His labor is not to be taken advantage of because he is an individual fending for a living to survive. Marx states in his teachings that because workers are such a commodity to society that a laborer should not be undermined or exploited, such as the slaves and the serfs were in the times of feudalism and slavery. Karl Marx was a socialist who believed that such workers shall be paid in " Substinence necessary to sustain himself and his family." Karl Marx's policies make it possible to exile the exploitation

of men less fortunate by those yielding higher status. Because of his intelligence his writings were interepted and used by society years after his death. His works have inspired revolutions which have made areas of the world and the world in its entirity vastly different.

Although his works were intended to inspire individuality, after his death his theories were translated into totally different terms. Marx's abstarct philosophies

were mutilated and translated into brutal fact by such leaders as Lenin and Stalin. These utopian leaders or dictators adopted the word of Marx in an evil form. Marx himself did not intend for the theories and teachings that he set up to become the terms of those who were going to abuse them, Marx's communist ideas were far different. Overstreet states,"



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