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Media Reaction Paper

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The entertainment business is a very lucrative business in these days. Diversity can be found on just about anything TV show, movie, or commercial. The movie I chose to write about is Life.

About the Movie

The movie I selected for the paper is called Life. It stars Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, and a host of other comics. The setting for the movie is New York City and Mississippi around the 1940's. The movie starts out with Eddie Murphy and Martin owing a big time crime boss. They strike a deal with the crime boss to go and get top shelf home made liquor from Mississippi and bring it back to New York City. On the way to Mississippi, Eddie and Martin stop into this bakery to get some coffee and a slice of pie. Upon entering the bakery the owner told them that the pies were "white only pies" and preceded to grab a shotgun to let them know she meant business and to get out of her restaurant. Both being from New York had never encountered that type of racism before.

After arriving at there destination, instead of turning around and heading back home Eddie decided he wanted to check out the local Juke Joint. There he gambled all of the gas money they needed to get back home away. While all of this was going on a local deputy spotted a man walking away from the juke joint that he had told to leave town. A confrontation occurred and the deputy ended up killing the man who was black and hiding his body in a barn. Martin and Eddie happened to walk through the barn and all of a sudden a body falls on them. They panicked and the barn owner heard the commotion and called the sheriff. Martin and Eddie ended up behind bars for the night. They never thought in there wildest dreams that they would be convicted of a murder they did not commit, but they were. They got life behind bars and were sent off to an all black prison camp. The prison part of the movie basically depicted how prisoners had to work and the relationships that were made while there. When they were about 80 years old they were sent to act as house and grounds keepers for the prison warden. One day the warden took Martin to pick up one of his old friends at the bus station. Upon hearing the voice of the old friend of the warden Martin realized it was the same guy who had actually killed the person he was serving time for killing. Later that night Martin told Eddie, but there



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