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There Is a Wisdom of the Head, and a Wisdom of Heart

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Essay Preview: There Is a Wisdom of the Head, and a Wisdom of Heart

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There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom[a] of heart

An essay on wisdom is very delusional because[b] it varies from person to perception, where grey areas are only debatable without providing solutions for all. Then what is wisdom?  Is it the knowledge or insight? For me, wisdom is the intuitiveness of understanding the difference between right and wrong. Then again there is a conflict that who is right and who is wrong, for example banning beef is necessary for Hindu[c][d] because they consider cow as their God wherein contrary it's against the democratic rights of other community to force them not to eat. So where do you stand in this, if you are inclined to any of the cause then you can't decide who is right, you might feel that you are right but you are right to a specific community like in Arabian countries where rules are made as convenient  to their community and they believe that is right for all. And now if you stand out as an individual without being biased to any side then you may find there is a conflict of wisdom inside you. Your head may say one is right where your heart might oppose that taking the side of the counter. [e]Lose in value we take into the head, Where lose in respect we take into heart. But both the condition[f] we hurt us by taking it. So can we accept it by not taking it? I feel it is very easy but people take their ego so seriously that it is impossible for them to do so. We all need a beautiful life but don't want to sacrifice our ego. So I think there is a need for wisdom, and this will not come by reading a lot of books or mugging up the quotes. This will come by understanding both from the head and from the heart by compromising your own biases and ego. And this understanding will neither hurt you nor others. [g][h][i][j][k][l][m]

All that we are now and what we will be in future depends on what we do and what we think to be. So a journey having a correct motive will lead your wisdom to a correct path and will make a coordination between your heart and head. And we understand making a change is not an easy process, and in the process, you may feel that you will lose out. But to get the end product you have to tolerate your instincts. So it's better to start correlating your emotion w[n]ith your rationality and diversify yourself before doing a wrong by following only one. An essay about the wisdom is not about turning the dictionary and adding the words with unknown motives, Motive is to make inline both the heart and head and make a sensible decision. The reasons in life may vary to support a particular but sometimes in life, you have to be diplomatic to the situation and try to avoid ramifications of situations. [o]For example in a family if you see something wrong then how will you react without hurting the sentiments of your belongings? So sometimes the convenience of heart and head doesn't apply for the situation, so you have to wait for things to be settled. [p]The situation will always lead you in a conflict that to whom you should refer to whether the heart or the head but it will only be a right decision if you understand both, try to convince other that why he is right. So an improvisation is needed from you, from us and from the society in seeing a difference[q][r][s][t][u][v][w] but sometimes environment plays a major role in distracting both, suppose a child who had seen his mother suffered in domestic violence latter when turned into man assumes beating his wife is his rights. So neither heart nor head works there and this brutality has been suffered by the whole family. For this Wisdom of heart and wisdom of head is so reluctant to build up you and society.[x][y]



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