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"animal Farm" Case

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In the book "Animal Farm" which was written by George Orwell Snowball and Napoleon are two characters which are different in many ways but are also alike in certain ways.George Orwell wrote about the corrupt Soviet Union, and did this by using the animals in the book to represent some of the Soviet leaders, and politicians to convey to the readers whast happened during those times. Snowball unlike Napoleon was devoted to gain the other animals support by his well thought out ideas, an open mind, passionate speeches, and success when debating with his opponent. Snowball also prefers to work within the political system, and also does work on the farm. Examples of his contributions on the farm include, the plans for the windmill which Snowball worked hard on, and were very detailed. Furthermore Snowball showed leadership and bravery many times, one time being in The Battle Of Cowshed. One last characteristic of Snowball was that he cared about the farm which was shown in the book in many cases. Some examples include the Egg Production Committee which he created for the hens, the Clean Tails League which was for the cows, the Whiter Wool Movement for the sheep, and many more. These actions and many more portrayed Snowball as a caring individual because it showed that in his heart no matter what anyone else said, and what other horrible things he may be doing he wanted everyone to feel like they are wanted, and are deserving.

Napoleon in the book was different than Snowball in many ways. In the book Napoleon was seen working behind the scenes, preferred to gain power by manipulating the other animals, and making deals. Napoleon is in the book was also more controlling, and understood the role of force in political control. This is shown in the book when the dogs attack to expel, and chase Snowball out of Animal Farm. By doing so he portrayed himself very dominant, and it sent the message that he would do anything and everything to gain control, and stay in control.Furthermore it portrayed Napoleon's character as a more forceful leader and very cruel. Another difference between the two includkes that Napoleon cared more for the younger generations on the farm. This was seen in the book because Napoleon passed statements in the book like "education for the young is more important than anything that could be done for the older generations." By saying this Napoleon is sending the reader the message that he favors one group on



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