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Animal Farm Is Set on the Mannor Farm, During the Chaotic Time of an Animal Revolution

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Essay Preview: Animal Farm Is Set on the Mannor Farm, During the Chaotic Time of an Animal Revolution

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Animal Farm is set on the Mannor Farm, during the chaotic time of an animal revolution.

The main characters include Snowball, a inventive, effervescent pig, who took over after Jones left. Napoleon is a Berkshire Boar and is vastly different from Snowball. He's strong minded, selfish, and pompous. He and snow ball are in constant conflict until Snowball was chased off the farm by Napoleon's dogs. Other character's include Jones, the owner of the farm, who was constantly drunk and treated the animals poorly. Squealer, the animal who was constantly rallying the animals and making them believe whatever Napoleon tells them to believe. Boxer, a horse, who was the backbone of the farm.

The three main conflicts in the book are between the animals and the humans, who are in constant disagreement because the animals don't want to be controlled ever again. There is a conflict between Napoleon and Snowball, who are always fighting over the well being of the farm and each wants their own way. The last conflict is between the animals and themselves because of who they choose to believe, themselves or the pigs, who are constantly changing the rules to their own benefit.

Animal Farm is about rebellion against authority. The animals on the Mannor Farm are sick of being worked to death and getting small rations, so they decide to over throw the humans. They endure many hardships, including two human invasions. In the end the leaders, the pigs, turn into exactly what they had fought to over come.

The conflict between the animals and the humans is resolved by the animals, lead by the pigs, over throwing the humans but in the end the pigs end up acting just like the humans. The conflict between Napoleon and Snowball is solved by Snowball being driven away and Napoleon gaining complete control over the farm. The conflict between the animals and themselves is solved when they come to find out that Napoleon has been changing everything that had been fought for in the beginning, back to what they had before they were free.

I thought the book was ok. I didn't really like how fast it flew by and at certain points in the book I got confused of the time. I don't like books with politics laced into the story line because it makes me wonder what the actual political event had in common with the book and it distracts me from the actual plot of the story.



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