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Animal Farm

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Manor Animal Farm

The agenda for the animals in the movie Manor Animals Farm was to be free and to role themselves. They set a list of goal or rules that every animal had to follow. The leader pig got all the animals excited and committed in the goals that were set. The animals called a meeting so that the rules could be made and made official. They all came together to brainstorm ideas about the laws that the pig listed. These steps were taken in the farm to select the rules first before enforcing them. This is the first step to planning an agenda.

Planning the agenda requires understanding what each members need to accomplish by the end of the meeting. The plan has to be straight forward as possible.

The agenda of the animals was that they could not be like humans in any way for form. They will not dress or sleep in beds because that is being human.

The changes that occurred in the farm was that the law changed because of the leadership changed. A new pig with

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a different image controlled the animals now. The new pig had new ideas and made the animals feed into what he was dreaming. The new leader made the other pigs believe in something that way not legal in the laws that they lived by before.

The new leader pig started add and changing the words of the rules. He used the law to help him get into power and make the other animals trust him. The pig manipulated the law to his favor so the animals could make him the new leader and so that his ideas could be acted out.

The new leader changed a little of the rule that the old great leader put into writing. The changes confused the animals and questioned the new law. This change altered the agenda of the farm and made the pigs more into humans.

The climate of the first meeting was really positive. The animals were listening and singing songs because they were proud of their leader and his thoughts. The animals listen and expected the idea of the first leader because it affected them more then anything. There was no secret plans or anything. The leader helped the animals and that is what they liked about him.


The animals in the movie were singing and listing ever carefully. They all participated in the meeting in one way or form. That is an indication that the meet was positive.

The climate in the barn was attentive and united. They came together to gather and listen to the words of the leader just like in Washington. Groups of people come together in Washington, to listen to their leader so that he or she can give them inspiration about their goal.

When a new leader came into power



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