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Who Killed Norton McCarthy

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Who killed Norton McCarthy ?

To figure out the case of who may have killed Norton McCarthy on November 30th we must examine if the prime suspect is at fault. Even though Simon Fletcher has an alibi there are holes in his story. By analyzing what Simon Fletcher did on the day of the murder we can come up with conclusions on what might have happened and the time frame we are looking at for the murder.

Simon Fletcher's activities on November 30th go as follow made a phone call at work at 12:03 PM on November 30th to a client who verified that he talked with Fletcher about an account. During Simon Fletcher's lunch break which lasts one hour, from noon until 1:00 PM. Fletcher ate lunch alone at Burger King. Burger King garbage was discovered in his car. Fletcher then attended a mandatory staff meeting that began at 1:00 Pm and lasted until 3:00 PM. Simon Fletcher's coworker William Parnell last saw Fletcher at his desk at "approximately 4:35." Parnell claims that Fletcher "was busy" and that he "didn't look like he was about to leave anytime soon." This was the last time Fletcher was seen at work, where there is no time clock to clock out. According to Simon's boss, Gary Miller claims that "most of the guys leave at 5:00 give or take fifteen minutes. This concludes that there is no actual leave time from work that Fletcher had.

The next thing that we know is that Fletcher stopped at a convenience store and bought a gallon of milk and a lottery ticket on the evening of the murder. We also know that it takes Simon Fletcher approximately twenty minutes to drive home from work "on a good day, without any traffic." Simon Fletcher arrived home from work at 5:50 PM and didn't leave the house all nigh, according to Mary Fletcher.

What we know about Norton is that he was alive at 12:30pm, and that him or someone else was seen pulling up in his driveway at approximately 5:00pm. We also assume that he was killed before 7:30PM because that is when Sarah McCarthy his wife called home and no one was there to answer.

There are many things in this case that we don't know such as what time did Simon leave work and if anyone is lying about anyone else whereabouts. Also there should be more information given to us such as maps of the city and locations described in the case such as the distance from Fletchers work to McCarthy's



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