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To Kill a Mocking Bird Comparisson Essay

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Essay Preview: To Kill a Mocking Bird Comparisson Essay

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Atticus Finch & Mr. Garret Atticus Finch is a lawyer from

the book To Kill A Mocking Bird and Mr. Garret is also a

lawyer from the short story "The Right Thing To DO At The

Right Time." Atticus Finch is a lawyer who always does his

job "by the book." He lived in Maycomb County, Alabama

during the Great Depression. He had two children Jem &

Scout. Atticus stood up for Tom Robinson, even thought the

town thought he was a fool for doing so. Atticus always

went with what was right when Boo Radley saved his

children. He went with Heck Tates story to save Boo from

the general public. Mr. Garret lived in Kissime, Florida

during the Great Depression. He was also a lawyer who

stood up for what was right. Garret was a fast acting man.

When he got the phony ticket he went straight to the capital

to tell them that his town wasn't a official town. He paid

$100 for the trip, and as he got home the town officials were

there to ask him what he wanted. He said he only wanted his

d**** five bucks back. I conclusion both men are very

smart and honest men who only do what is right or what is

right "at the right time."



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