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What Is Wrong with Killing?

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What is wrong with Killing?

Apparently, the killing of human beings whether people accept it or not, exists within our ever growing society. Obviously it's against the law, however does this make it wrong? The answer to this question is no. From a religious perspective killing another individual is wrong. For those who don't believe in God, killing is wrong as well because it takes away a person's autonomy.

As long as someone believes in God's teachings then the act of killing is a violation of God's commandments. In the bible God creates Ten Commandments, which all men should follow. One of these commandments, which Abraham received, suggests that "Thou shall not kill." Therefore, if any individual refuses to follow God's commandments then they are in turn disobeying God.

Someone who kills is also taking away the authority that God has. God decides who lives and dies-he is the decision maker. Therefore, an individual who takes another life is taking the decisions God has into their own hands.

Besides from disobeying God as well as seizing his right to make decisions, killing is in a sense an act of destroying his property. Since God created mankind, then we are all his creations or property. Consequently, when one chooses to kill, he is also choosing to destroy God's belongings.

In a non-religious stance, killing denies an individual from being autonomous. Everyone has the right to choose or make decisions. One who kills another is denying that individual "the right or power of self-control."

In God's eyes, an individual who kills another is not only disobeying God, but they are also destroying his property, as well taking his power into their own hands. Lastly, from a non-religious perspective, a murderer is also denying his/her victim the right of autonomy.



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