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To Kill a Mockingbird

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Essay Preview: To Kill a Mockingbird

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This book starts out with a simple plot being narrated by

Scout. Through the first 7 or 8 chapters, a load of

descriptions and short stories are told to get a realistic

picture of what life is like living in Maycomb County. Only

minor events occur such as the introduction of all the

characters, Gem and Scout meeting a new friend Dill, Scout

attending school, and probably the biggest: the introduction

and old wives tales about the mysterious neighbor Boo

Radley. Some small events that increase the suspense were

Gem's pants being mended by an unknown person, and

during a local fire, a blanket wrapped around Scout by a


After the reader gets a true feel for life in the South, the

action starts to pick up. One day during school, a fellow

classmate of Scout calls Atticus a "Niger lover." Scout is

confused and asks her father what that means. This leads

into the discovery of a big trial that is going to occur which is

about Atticus defending a black man named Tom Robinson.

Gem and Scout become even more suspicious after they see

a lynch mob try to attack Atticus and Tom, but Scout luckily

comes to the rescue. As the book progresses, the actual trial

starts. The children sit with the Negroes for the final day,

and listen to the verdict of guilty. Later, Bob Ewell threatens

Atticus that he will get revenge.

Finally, as Gem and Scout are walking home alone from a

play one night, Bob Ewell attacks them and tries to kill the

children. Thankfully, Scout



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