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Stuhr Company Case Study

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 1

Introduction 1

Research Question 1

Limitations 2

Definitions 3

Target Group 3

Report Structure 3

Research Methods 4

Critique 5

Chapter 2 5 Data Analysis 5 Questionnaire Analysis 5 Interview Analysis 9

Chapter 3 11 Service Concept 11

Chapter 4 13

Market Segment 13

Chapter 5 17

The Service Delivery System 17

Personnel 17

Job Characteristic Model 18

Herzberg's Motivational & Hygiene Theory 21

Clients 25

Satisfaction Model 25

Service Process Matrix 26

Technology and Support 27

Chapter 6 29

Culture and Philosophy 29

Mission and Vision 29

The Four Values of Stuhr 29

Stuhr's Management 30

Five Irreplaceable Foundations of Good Management 31

Chapter 7 34

Image 34

Determinants of Image 36

Brand Equity Pyramid 37

Chapter 8 40

The Competitors of Stuhr 40

The Levels of Competition 40

Competitive Advantages 42

7 P's of Stuhr 43

7 P's of Gun-Britt 44

7 P's of ChaChaCha 45

Competitive Analysis 47

Conclusion of the Competitive analysis 49

Conclusion 50

Critique 51



Chapter 1



People are searching for ways to stress their personality, be different and be visible. Image has become a big part of everybody's life today. We are not an exception, since we are a group of five beauty conscious ladies. That is one of the main factors, which led us to choosing a company in a beauty providing area. Stuhr is our selected company. (Company profile- appendix page 1). It is a chain of hairdressing saloons oriented towards trendy look for both man and woman. For some it is a luxury, for some part of a lifestyle. Stuhr is a place that makes a visible difference in an appearance.

Having researched Stuhr's website, we found out that their goals towards image are to keep the creativity flowing and to follow the trend, which constantly changes. Stuhr is aware of their customer expectations, which are the hairdressers being an inexhaustible source of inspiration, new thinking and constantly seeing new possibilities in the customer's hair.

Seeing that they have a good reputation as well as their image, our problem formulation is not really a problem - it is a statement, which we want to analyse.

Research question:

The purpose of the project is to apply models and theories to the chosen company. Our report focuses on image and how the company's structure affects it. By taking a closer look at the company's internal analysis and some of the external factors that affect their image, we came up with the following research topic:

How does Stuhr maintain their Image?

To structure the report and analyse it, the main research question has been broken down into the following sub questions:

1. What is Stuhr's Service Concept?

2. Who is their target group?

3. How does Stuhr affect their target group?

4. How does the employee's motivation affect Stuhr's image?

5. How does Stuhr gain customer satisfaction?

6. How important is it for the Image of Stuhr to have strong corporate culture?

7. What is the image of Stuhr?

8. How does Stuhr differentiate themselves from their competitors?

Now we are going to explain what we mean by each question, and how they all relate to image.

Sub-question 1 will help us to explain how the Service Concept brings out the image of Stuhr and how secondary services work as a vital tool towards their customers.

Sub-question 2, to find out whom StuhrÒ's target group is, in order for us to see if their target group reflects the image of Stuhr.

Sub-question 3, to find out what Stuhr does to affect their target group, since a target group affects the image.

Sub-question 4 and 5, we want to figure out how motivated employees can affect satisfaction towards the customer, as a satisfied customer again reflects the image.

Sub-question 6 will show how the culture of Stuhr reflects their image.

Sub-question 7, we are going to define image through the Service Management System, which we are analysing in our project. We will also make



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