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Nadia Companies - Case Study

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Essay Preview: Nadia Companies - Case Study

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Executive Summary

Today's companies are operating in an atmosphere of rapidly changing competition, technology, laws and policies. Therefore the companies have to seriously re-analyze their business objectives and marketing strategies and tactics in order to satisfy the need of the target consumers and thereby achieving their own objectives.

The aim of the report is to explain the various objectives of marketing and it communications, to explore its various tools, emphasis their importance and functions in the modern business scenario and to discuss how companies can utilize these tools to the maximum to achieve their objectives.

I have taken the NADIA Group of Companies as my case study and have worked at explaining how they use the various marketing communication tools. I have also made and effort to analyze their marketing strategies and tactics and evaluate the effectiveness of their promotion mix and eventually their performance.


The word communication is derived from the Latin word 'communis' which means common. When we are trying to establish a commonness with the other person.

Marketing communications is the element of marketing mix that involves communicating with the target markets to inform them about a product and influence them to buy it. It is the basic way which to deliver message to the target market. Marketing communication aims at creating awareness, generating inquires, establishing brand identity, stimulating demand and enhancing company image. It given information about the product, its features, its price and where to obtain it. It is about telling and selling. It may enhance the value of the product thereby increasing the likelihood of sale. Some companies use it to stabilize sales.

It is the responsibility of the marketing communication manager to blend the communication tolls to create a mix that satisfies the above mentioned factors and produce the right results.


NADIA Group of Companies established in 1983, is today one of the largest and most successful training, recruitment and management consultancy company in the U.A.E, offering a wide range of human resources services to local and international organizations. The NADIA group includes the NADIA training Institutes and NADIA management and commercial consultants. NADIA offices in the gulf are located in AbuDhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Bahrain and Miami.

With around 120 multicultural staff and a multi-million dollar business, NADIA Group of Companies is a promising and growing enterprise. The various reasons for this phenomenal growth have been a completely professional approach toward understanding and fulfilling the client's need, constant attention to the staff's welfare and an ethical but profitability centered work ethos.

When NADIA started, it was to provide booming AbuDhabi market with desperately needed sources of professional training for secretarial and clerical employees. At that time there was a real lack of locally available secretarial training to provide local job seekers with the skills to improve their career prospects. During those early years, the training focused on Pitman's UK methods of secretarial skills. As time went on the personal computers became available in the offices, NADIA incorporated computer courses into their training programs.

Gradually people began calling NADIA to refer the trainees to them for the job placements. That's how NADIA got into the recruitment business.

As office automation increased and the AbuDhabi market continued to flourish NADIA expanded into other cities in the Emirates with similar needs. It also stared a support facility in Miami.

To offer creditability, NADIA has sought associations with some of the best in their respective field. The NADIA training institutes are licensed but he Ministry of Education, Microsoft Solution Providers, Lotus Business Partners and Pitman Associates, giving students recognized certification. It has also been appointed as the Prometic Testing Center, the officially appointed examining body for all Microsoft, Lotus and Novell programs around the world. As a further development, NADIA is the sole distributors of Psychometric Analysis programs from Thomas International, world leader in occupational psychology and personality profiling. The training institutes expand annually with new courses, additional teaching and support staff, and more clients. Over the past years a growing number of clients are taking advantage of NADIA's training skills and business expertise in areas like customer service, sales, management skills, teambuilding and more. NADIA has the expertise to provide top quality, tailored training programs in almost any subject.

The NADIA recruitment division places 5000-6000 candidates every year in the various categories, which include senior management positions. The recruitment division also handles Business Consultancy, Marketing Research and Salary and Compensation Surveys. NADIA is accredited by the Federation of Recruitment and Employment Surveys (FRES) UK and confirms with the international standards of recruitment and employment.

The company's determination that the business operations must be ethical as well as profitable, gives NADIA a much stronger foundation than many gulf business established during the 80's. One cannot deny the fact that sales are the life-blood of any business. The ultimate aim of production is sale. This is where marketing communication features.

* To inform the prospective buyers about the existence of the product and its want-satisfying capabilities.

* To persuade the buyers in the most effective manner.

* To remind past and present users of the unique features in the product.

* To provide the product with the differentiate advantage.

These are the general objectives of marketing communication, which apply to most of



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