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Should Private Education Be Abolished?

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A small proportion of the children attend schools which their parents pay for, known as 'private' ( some times referred to as 'public' or 'independent ) because they exist outside state education provision. They do not have to teach 'National Curriculum', nor make their students sit Standard Attainment Tests (SATS). They range from, small private day schools catering for primary age children to 'progressive' schools, established by individuals who wish to practice radical educational ideas, to the old and famous 'public' schools, attended by aristocracy and wealthy members of society.

Independent schools are not really independent from the state at all. They depend on their financial existence on a legal anomaly, which allows them to register as charities.( This gives them tax relief on their income and a reduction on rates. The schools also receive allowances to educate the children of members of the armed forces and government employees who work abroad. And therefore, the taxpayer subsidizes the private sector of education.

The defenders of private education point to smaller class sizes, which allow more individual attention, better resources and facilities of the public schools than those found in the state sector. Many teachers are also paid more, examination results are often better, with pupils having a much higher chance of getting to university.

Many defend private education on the grounds that the parents should have a choice as to where to send their child to shool.It is also often argued that they should retain the right to spend their money as they see fit, and improve their children's life chances is a sensible way of doing this, if not a fair way. Moreover,resources and facilities are better than in some schools. Parental input is often high in terms of fees, expectations and support.It is argued that independent schools have an academic culture, in which academic achievement is emphasised and examination results are extremely good. Pupils are said to be highly motivated and often go to top universities.

However, many remain opposed to private education arguing that most people do not have the money to purchase a private education for their children, and it is wrong that people of the well-off should be given advantages in education than the poor. Private schools



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