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Contracting Private Security

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Contracting Private Security

As a CSO of a large corporation, I would readily assume a bigger role and responsibility for asset management and protection, not to mention the protection of not only the firm's tangible property, but the protection of staff and employees as well. The outsourcing for private security has increased tenfold over the last few years, as such, with the corporation's new ventures and upcoming projects, I as the CSO have to determine when and where the needs arise, of security, and how it will be established.


A few of my key focuses will be assessing the current security process of the company. There also has to be a clear understanding of what the company's goals are, and determine how the security will meet the needs of those challenges accordingly. Thus the questions are then posed; is the current security strategy adequate, are the policies for safety, internal and external access controls effective enough? Should there be a need to contract additional security? These are a few points to consider before mapping out a security strategic plan.

If the current security is not meeting the level of security requirements needed, what are my options? Can the company afford to outsource private security? Private security is more of a loss prevention measure, so understanding the limitations of security, will enable the CSO to develop a specific plan for asset management and protection, but what about security of staff and personnel? The CSO must also address the issues that are most frequently found in most organizations, internal thefts, workplace violence, drugs, and ethical dilemmas.

The expenditures that come with contracting private security firms, must also be weighed in, can this company afford to have such expenditure? Liability issues are another concern that must be looked at as well. Will these private security contractors have knowledge of local, federal, and state laws? Who will have oversight over these contractors? Will I be responsible for screening potential private security firms? Conducting background checks to ensure that the company has hired the right personnel?

Those concerns are a necessary part when considering contracting security specialists, because as the CSO, I have to know what services that these private security contractors provide, and if they are properly trained to handle these types of issues that may happen within this company.




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