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Private Health Care and Private Education Is Unfair

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Essay Preview: Private Health Care and Private Education Is Unfair

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Private education and private health care are the most unfair and degrading systems to modern day living. People who can receive this 'special treatment' seem to be comfortable in their finances. In this essay I will try and prove a point on why I think private systems are unfair.

Take for instance, why should people with more money receive better health treatment or send their children to go through a better education? The answer to that is they want the advantage, for example, if I was on public health care, dying of cancer but someone else with the exact same illness, pain and even emotional state was receiving private health care, I would probably be put on a waiting list. However, private health care clients would get their treatment a lot quicker if not straight away. Some people at worse may even die!

As well as this, there are also private schools. Now these are just made so that certain children, again, can get a different kind of education. These schools may be seen as an advantage to people with a fair bit of money as good things and better quality things are given the impression of costing more. Children who are in private education will get more up-to-date equipment as there is more money involved in this system of learning.

On the other hand, compare private schools to schools in the state sector, although they may be more local and cost less everyone would most probably prefer a bigger and safer place to learn in. Facilities are visible lower and smaller too. Private schools might have some of the following, if not all, horse riding schools, ballet lessons, dance studios and many more curricular activities. A state sector school might need to use a shared public swimming pool or sports centre for physical education resources. They most probably do not have the money for every pupil to have a computer each and get the same learning opportunities.

Furthermore, back to private health care. Why should people benefit over something natural like your general health? You can't help being ill or having a long term disability. It's not fair! Everyone should get treated the same when it comes to health. Whatever their age or illness.

As a result of this I feel strongly against private schools and private hospitals. The way I would resolve this would be by merging state sector schools with private schools creating just one or two



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