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Romeo and Juliet

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Mrs. Ene

Literature and writing-Period 3

13 March 2007

Temporary title

It is amazing how the same movie can be interperated very differently. In the traditional version, montegue's were dressed in colorfull, clown-like clothing while in the modern version, the montegue's attire included tattoos, pink hair and they had a wild personality. If you pay attention to the movie a little more, you can notice more differences than the clothes.

First off, the confrontations with Tybalt are very different between the modern version and the traditional version of the movie. In the traditional version, Tybalt first fights in Verona with Mercutio, leading to Mercutios death. In the modern version Mercutio first tries to battle Romeo, which Romeo tries to get away from. Mercutio then tries to battle Mercutio leading to Mercutio dying. Mercutio, being the Joker that he is, jokes about him dieing and to the Montague's then surprises them by actually dying. This was a very big part of the movie and the main turning part of the movie.

When Romeo enters the tomb where Juliet laid presumably dead, he has no idea about the distress he is going to cause. In the 1968 version, Romeo drinks the poison and Juliet doesn't wake up during the process. The audience watching the movie, however, can see that Juliet is still alive by the color coming back to her face. In the other version of the movie, Juliet "comes to life" starting when Romeo comes to her side and at the same time Romeo drinks the poison; Juliet touches his cheek. This is a very important factor because you can see how much Romeo loves Juliet in the newer movie because of the shock in his eyes.

The endings of both movie were similar and different. In the traditional version of Romeo and Juliet the people of Verona made a statue of Juliet to honor her which was finalized by the ending of the fueds.In the modern version of



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