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Romeo & Juliet Comprehension Response

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Essay Preview: Romeo & Juliet Comprehension Response

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Romeo & Juliet comprehension response by Hugo Estrada

I think that when it comes to dating there's an uneasy feeling between parents and son/daughters. Dating is a very important topic in life and very controversial. It seems like everyone has different views and advice to dating. A common belief among parents for example is "is no dating till you are a certain age." While most male teenagers have way different views and opinions. A male is always trying to get the "cool chick." While most females are more of the romantic type and belief more in things such as love at first sight. In my family there has never been any uneasy feelings. In my family it was like a democracy, there's not a whole lot of rules enforce on me. I have also always have the freedom to choose and make most decisions by myself. My parents type of government was only there to give advice ,support and any financial help. They have told me a bit about dating and sex. Stuff like "save sex till you are marry" or "be careful who you date" . For the most part I have been on my own when it came to dating. I'm the oldest in my family so there is no other sibling telling me what to do or what not to do when it came to dating. I'm the second oldest of all my cousins and the one that's older than me is only older by about 6 months. So again there's been nobody to tell me what to do. I have uncles and aunts that are only like 10 years older than me. Its not that I am not close to them we are just not that close to talk about dating. There's been no pressure there. I been almost on my own on topics like these and I like it.

Just like in my family everyone in Romeo and Juliet have different views about marriage Juliet's mother, Lady Capulet, want her to get marry when she's 14. The thing is she wants her to marry some one special, Paris. " Thus, then, in brief;-- The valiant Paris seeks you for his love." Her nurse just wants her to get pregnant and grow a family . "No less! nay, bigger; women grow by men." Juliet doesn't want to get marry, at least not with Paris. "it is an honor that I do not dream of." Romeo on the other hand wants to get marry he just wants to find the perfect girl. "Well in that hit you miss. She'll not be hit. With cupid's arrows. She had dian's wit, and, in strong proof of chastity well arm'd, from love's weak childish bow she lives uncharm'd". The friar wanted them to marry for it might end their families arguments. I guess in the end it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, for it is Romeo's and Juliet's decisions.

I think that Romeo and Juliet where a bit crazy. They should have waited to have gotten married. I believe they where to young to get married and should have tried dating first. I guess love is blind, for it blinded them from making better choices. I do believe in love at fist sight but not when you are this young. They where blinded by a pretty face and a few unanswered feelings. I for once look for more qualities than a pretty face. I look for someone that is smart, fun, someone who takes risk and has similar beliefs and way of thinking is very similar to mine. The thing is that in order to think like me you pretty much need to be outside the box. I'll admit I'm bit crazy I think way different from the average person. I have been influence by a lot of stuff.. I heard to much, saw to much, maybe know to much for my own good at this point. I don't consider myself bad just open minded. I just wish people would be more open minded, but just because there not like me doesn't mean I hate the or that I wont date them. I like to be more open minded with people that's why I try do accept any kind of person that comes my way. Besides at this point I'm not dating to get married. I do consider it thought I'm dating more to find a buddy, a friend who I can trust and that will be there when I need her. that's mostly the reason I date right now, not for marriage but to have someone to stand next to when I need to.

Romeo and Juliet where both looking for someone to marry before considering someone to date. They where both almost my age when they decided to get marry. At my age I might consider getting marry but that doesn't mean I'll do it right then and there, specially if I hardly now the person like Romeo and Juliet did. There's to much factors now involving marriage then just a pretty face. Maybe Romeo and Juliet lived in a simpler times. Times where people would get married just to grow a family. Now a days you cannot



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