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Research Case

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To Scribner, writing is a social practice. It is done by a group of people that is a society or community and has specific rules of how to practice it to get the best result at the end. Like many practices conducted by people such as sports, learning, counseling, etc., researches or intellectual writers use a set of tools like resources, books and the internet in a step by step writing process to come up with their desired result. This is linked to Austin's idea of performatives. Austin says that words are used to do action. They are not there to be decoded and understood word by word. Words are there to make promises, give instructions and many other things. For Austin, words mean action same as for Scribner. Harris uses those two perspectives in introducing his idea of moves. His rewriting moves:" coming to terms, forwarding, countering, taking an approach and revising" are all steps to follow when writing. They are a social activity that requires the use of other people's writings to comment and create a new writing based on what has been said before. So this process is not a passive one but rather involves the action through using words to respond, refute and build on previous ideas. " Revising" is one move I should work on to make my research and writings better. When I used to revise my writings I thought it was a simple process of checking spelling mistakes, inserting the right punctuation marks, making sure the ideas are logical and linked correctly. After reading what Harris had to say about revising, I noticed that for developing my writing skills I should question my own work. I should deal with it as if I'm dealing with someone else's essay. And follow all the moves above to make sure my work is an intellectual writing.



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