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Global Market Research Case Study

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Global Market Research Case Study


May 13, 2013

Global Market Research Case Study

The case study of Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners 3-2 tells a story about an architectural company from its humble beginning. The objective of the following is to describe the situation in the case, identify the key issues the organization faces, discuss possible ways the organization may address the issues, and explain the value of market research in the global community. The company seeks to export their architectural services and expand their portfolio in the construction industry into other ventures and territory. The case study follows a company from their start, identifies their challenges in the growth of the company and explores the changes the organization goes through to eventually succeed.

The Situation

The company begins in 1972 by Drew Sperry who later adds three more intelligent minds to the group. Among the group is an architect John MacLennan the partner who helps make the organization become Sperry/MacLennan. The company does so well and establishes a resilient presence in Canada and the organization begins to thrive in the industry. However, during 1981-1982 it is difficult to stay afloat and the company struggles to maintain. The strength of the team carries them to win a competition to design an aquatics sports facilities and the publicity gives the company recognition across the country. This propels more work in the summer and winter events and it opens more doors for the company. The opportunity to venture into the construction of recreational facilities becomes a dream come true, and the company is successful in doing so.

Key Issues

The organization needs to expand their business and operations outside Canada. They have the facilities secure in their home country yet need to increase revenues and must carefully select where the best location to begin expansion. Also the slowdown of the economy and demand for their business diminishes and leaves the company in a bind. The few employees left stick with the company although unpaid because they believe the company will revitalize at some point. To continue the life of the organization they must venture out of their comfort zone. To start their work in foreign land, they must consider issues that include licenses to move the business elsewhere. "Architects are licensed provincially, and these licenses are not readily transferable from province to province" (Aaker, Kumar, & Day, 2007, p. 72). The best chance toward the success of establishing a presence elsewhere is to build a relationship with other local companies to become a joint venture.

Address the Issues

Through market research efforts and compliance with local business practice, the business must form a close relationship with the local communities. There are five successful processes S/M uses to secure contracts and these methods will help acquire new business in foreign markets. The company looks to move their business skills and quality of craftsmanship to the United States and other countries like Europe.



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