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A Research Case

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Ayoti et al. (2011) conducted a research to determine whether substandard equipment, tools, or facilities would lead stress to teachers. Descriptive survey was used where 496 teachers of public secondary school are selected. The data was analyzed and shown that 13% of respondents attributed substandard facilities to be a stressor. Substandard equipments are cited as it leads stress to teachers who are going to perform with insufficient inputs.

Antoniou, Polychroni, & Walters (2000) carried out a research to identify the source of stress. A questionnaire methodology is used where 110 Greek Special Educational Needs teachers are selected. Analysis showed that the significant lack of resources and equipment would lead to moderate stress.

Another research done by Alay and Kocak (1999) on elementary school in Ankara to determine whether lack of educational equipment would create stress. A 5-point Likert scale survey questionnaires was sent to 29 physical educators. It concluded that lack of educational equipment would create a serious stress on physical educators.

Kyriacou and Chien (2004) undertook a research to explore the level of stress due to not enough teaching resources. A questionnaire comprises a set of items with five-point Likert scale was distributed to teachers in 22 primary schools and 203 questionnaires were received. It found that teachers would face some stress while there are not enough teaching resources.

Govindarajan (2012) conducted a research to identify the level of stress as the result of too many pupils in one class. A 5 point Likert scale survey questionnaire was distributed to 126 primary school teachers in Tamilnadu. It found that there were negative relationship between too many pupils in one class and stress.



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