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Relationship Between Velocities, Distances and Times

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Essay Preview: Relationship Between Velocities, Distances and Times

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The relationship between an object's position and time if it travels in a straight line at a constant speed, as well as the relationship between the same object's speed and time, will both result in a linear model. This hypothesis will be tested by using a model car, a spark timer, and timer tape.


1.Obtain a model car, spark timer, half a meter of timer tape.

2.Tape the length of timer tape to the back of the model car.

3.Feed the timer tape through the spark timer, setting the timer to 10 MHz, and turning it on.

4.Turn on the model car.

5.Allow the car to run until the timer tape has been run completely through the spark timer.

6.Remove the timer tape and record the dashes on it, the time elapsed between each dash is .1 seconds.

7.Analyze your data.

8.Make conclusions.

Analysis of Data and Observations

(Data and Observations are on next page, couldn't fit on this page.

(See graph)

The position versus time graph was a linear model, being an almost perfect straight line, although, human error could have effected the outcome because of mistakes measuring, as well as plotting of the data on the graph.

The velocity versus time graph came out to be a quadratic model, having a number of curves. Since this is based off of original measurements, any mistakes in measuring would have been multiplied when the velocity was calculated, so human error could be prevalent here as well.


Our hypothesis was only partially supported. The position versus time graph was a linear model, as predicted, but the velocity versus time graph was quadratic, not supporting the hypothesis.

Data and Observations

Time (S)

Position (CM)

Speed (CM/S)






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