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Interpersonal Relationships of Sex Workers

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Essay Preview: Interpersonal Relationships of Sex Workers

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Interpersonal Relationships of Sex workers

When you think of prostitution or prostitutes the first thing that comes to mind is sex and illegal. But one might wonder what kind of lifestyles and the sacrifices what one might give up when choosing to become a prostitute. These things might include safety, relationships being impossible and becoming emotionally shut off so not to become attached to your clients.

Stereotypically most think of the women in this line of work as single, alone and so loose that there is no possibility for a real relationship. In the movie we analyzed the relationship between Chelsea (escort) and Chris (her boyfriend). Chelsea (Sasha Grey) is a high class escort (prostitute) that is in a real relationship is a man named Chris who is a personal trainer. Chris makes $125 and Chelsea makes $2000 an hour. According to the movie is shows their relationship like any other dinner, movie time on the couch and little bit of love in the bed room. Weirdly enough Chris her boyfriend is shown not to be intimidated by her profession and supports her lifestyle. They have established basic rules as to how the relationship functions such as Chelsea is not allowed to go away with clients. Their relationship functions well till the point where she meets a client and becomes emotionally intrigued for the first time. Chelsea decides that she wants to go away with this particular client due to the fact she is so drawn to him. Chelsea and Chris argue about her decision to go away with the client and Chris gets angry to the point of insulting her profession and calling her a "whore" and "how can you care about your clients and books more than me" , "all you do is fuck random strangers for a living". Chris ends by saying, "What about me?" Chris proceeds to verify Chelsea's fears about his feelings towards her profession and they proceed to ending it. Watching this particular scene made me think of what made her boyfriend think he had the right to degrade her in such away. Why could he not treat her profession for what it is, a job? She chose to do it, he knows about it and accepts it what makes him think he can call her a whore. I don't see people who go out of town for work conferences being called whores and what not.

Chelsea as an escort used telephone conversations with her clients and when their birthdays are and uses that for an astrological prediction so that way before meeting them she could determine what kind of person she was going to be seeing as to protect herself. She was her own boss and had her own ways of keeping herself safe. Although using astrological information and questions is helpful, it is not always a guarantee for safety. As seen in the movie Chelsea, claims



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