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Short Distance for Long Distance Relationships

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Essay Preview: Short Distance for Long Distance Relationships

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Short Distance for Long Distance Relationships

Relationships have been around since the beginning of mankind. There are many goals in life that people pursue and having a soul mate is one of them. One type of relationship that is practiced most among teenagers is long distance relationships. Due to the fact that so many teenagers fall in love so quickly and are immature, they will not let go of partners even though they may have to separate. Many people find it difficult to stay in one relationship for a very long time yet alone a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships in my view are the hardest to keep intact than any other types of relationships. Whether its interracial or interfaith relationships, it is a proven fact that the most difficult relationship to keep from falling apart are the ones that are long distance. There are many reasons behind these facts and also many keys to success for long distance relationships from falling apart.

In every type of relationship, there are many things that can cause turmoil and eventually destruction. Long distance relationships have been known to be the hardest to overcome and there are many reasons why. When a couple splits apart, the very first thing that each of them thinks about is trust. Can they trust their mate to stay faithful? How would they even know if they are not being cheated on? Trust is a primary key to a relationship and if both parties do not trust each other, then the relationship will go nowhere but down hill. Furthermore, when both individuals of the relationship get lonely, they may feel that they need the other one. This emotional and physical need for each other can lead to much frustration and internal damage. Due to this fact, many look to other partners to fulfill their need of companionship. This happens especially in teens. They have such hormonal effects that they cannot help but cheat on their mates because they may be so sexually frustrated. Sooner or later, they will fall in love once again with another person eventually killing the long distance relationship that they had. Usually even if both parties are faithful to each other, both may think that the other one is not faithful. This may then lead to fighting and arguments, which will then of course lead to the destruction of the relationship. Many other things can also hinder a relationship. For instance, lets say one individual needs to have



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