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Personal Strengths

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My personal strength seems to be more closely related to the deontological ethic. This is the duty based ethic. I, like many people, have a drive, from deep down inside, to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I work hard to because I owe it to my children, my wife and myself to do the best job I can possibly do. This is something that was probably passed on to me by my father.

Ever since I can remember, my father was always working or sleeping. He worked two fulltime jobs when I was growing up. He did everything possible so that we would have whatever we needed. The only drawback that I could see to that was that I never got to see my father when I was younger. This is the reason I decided to go back and finish school. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my family and less time at a job.

My greatest weakness would probably my inability to be organized. I try time and time again but I end up losing things anyway. I'm not a complete mess like some people but it's bad enough for others to notice. I don't keep a place for my important papers. I simply keep accumulating things in glove compartments and coat pockets. I need to start keeping track of everything in specific locations so I'll know where everything is when I need it. The way it is now it takes me fifteen minutes to lose an important piece of paper forever.

I guess the solution to my weakness lies in my strength. If I could focus some of the energy that I reserve for working and solving problems toward developing some sort of filing system, then I could work more efficiently. I could even cut the time that it takes me to find important documents and paperwork significantly. I need to make orderliness a part of my daily routine and make it my duty to follow through and develop

a system that I can keep up with.



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