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The Personal Strengths and Weaknesses of Lindsay Nanna

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Essay Preview: The Personal Strengths and Weaknesses of Lindsay Nanna

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The Personal Strengths and Weaknesses of Lindsay Nanna

When I first came across this assignment, I was quite apprehensive. I thought about what my teacher and fellow classmates would really think about me then. How would my Learning Group react? But at the same time I knew that this would be a growing experience and when I was completed I could look back on the paper and take a sigh of relief.

Honestly, it is much easier for me to say what my weaknesses are than my strengths. I usually tend to go for the difficult men; the ones with some kind of "problem". This tends to land me in the middle of nasty break-ups and unfortunate broken hearts. So now one would also agree that I am too forgiving and give too many second chances. Now, all those hurt feelings can sometime tend to leave me cruel and bitter. I am now beginning to understand that not everyone has the same work ethics as I do. It greatly frustrates me when I see a fellow co-worker messing around on the job and when I tell my manager it seems as if they don't care. It makes me feel like a nag, but it is really something that is important to me, especially since the matter deals with patient care on the bottom line. At work, I get rather upset when I see fraternizing between certain cliques. I know that any office has the same politics, but it to me is still hard to swallow. Another weakness is that when I have my mind made up, there is no stopping me. Now, one could see this as a strength, but when I go out shopping or want to date a certain guy, it can be disastrous.

Well, now that I have spilled the beans, it's time to clean the floor. A major strength I have is compassion. It always makes me wonder when I see another human being acting cruelly to another. Also, I am able to stand up for myself and when it comes to relationships, I know when to break it off. It is important to me to have a good working relationship with my classmates. If there is a project, I want us to get along and work efficiently together. I have an awesome sense of courage and wanderlust (which has probably led me to Houston away from Pennsylvania). Now, one would argue that being funny would not be a strength, but a quality, should come work with me on a daily basis. Our pharmacy has some dry, quiet spots throughout the day and it is pretty unbearable to some people. I find that when I tell a joke or say something



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