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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Throughout my life, my strengths and weaknesses tend to gain more clarity, as I grew older. When I was younger, I did not focus too much on this part of myself. I must now use my strengths to improve my habits and my weaknesses to strengthen my faults. Several of my strengths are centered on my profession because the majority of my time is spent there. Some of my qualities are beneficial to different situations, while the other qualities hinder. Although we describe our strengths as positive attributes and our weaknesses as negative attributes, they make us who and what we are as an individual. Each of us is unique in different ways, because of these qualities. It is important to be conscious not just our personal strengths, but also our weaknesses, so we can inquire about help in the areas we need strengthening. Acquiring a better understanding of these qualities will help me get closer to graduating and obtaining my Masters of Business Administration.

Professionally, I have the ability to track different projects at different times. The ability to track different projects simultaneously has been very helpful when trying to work on a deadline. Many employers describe it as multi-tasking. Everyday has the potential for drastic workplace or school environment change. Working on different types of assignments weekly has taught me to adapt my skills in a variety of different work situations.

Another of my stronger qualities is my computer skill. Since my first computer class in high school, I have always been intrigued about computers. The process of inputting data and the speed it sends back the information has been fascinating to me. I was so captivated about the process that I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Today, my co-workers often turn to me for help configuring their computers or formatting their Word document. My strong computer skills have been an essential quality in this Computer Age.

The last quality that enhances my personality is structured organization. I provide strength and confidence to my peers and team members in times of unpredicted situations. I try to remain calm, so I can provide direction. A team needs a person they can look up to for guidance and support for work or school issues. Since I will be working with teams throughout the masters program at University of Phoenix, this would be one of my valuable assets that I can bring to my group.

Weakness in a person's character should not be considered a negative factor. Each of us has a flaw or numerous flaws that can, at some point, be improved. One weak point that I have had throughout my educational years is a fear of writing. Looking at a blank page is frustrating. I often doubt my abilities to write a first-rate paper. The English language is very confusing. American society uses slang in everyday conversation. It is very difficult to differentiate correct English grammar and slang and then transferring the English language into a paper.



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