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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

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Essay Preview: Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

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Jay's Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Jay Rhee

University of Phoenix

Jay's Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

There are a number of strengths which I possess that contribute positively in my work environment, in my personal life, and in my Learning Team. There are also a number of weaknesses which need improvement. The strengths are excellent memorization skill, ability to understand computers, anger management, and physical strength. The weaknesses are organization, time management, procrastination, and lack of confidence.

My memorization skill has helped me with many things. In my business, I meet many customers daily. Some customers are regulars. Many customers tell me their names. Many people like it when I remember their name. When someone remembers your name, you feel important. In a customer oriented business, a little thing as remembering names to faces is very important.

My ability to understand computers is outstanding. I am very good at understanding both the hardware side of computers and software side of computers. There are different types of machines which I consider to be computers. Most people think that a computer is a PC or a Mac. Credit card machines, POS machines, ATM machines, and weight scales are also computers. Some machines have a simplistic program and some machines have an advanced program. Nevertheless, all of these machines are considered to be computers. I maintain these types of machines including PC's and Macs.

I am able to control my anger well. I do not blow up at people when they annoy me. For instance, I love my personal space. When someone invades my personal space, I get annoyed. I do not get angry and yell at them. Instead, I tell them in a calm manner to please avoid invading my private space.

The last and final strength is my physical strength. I can lift heavy items and I rarely get sick. Since I own a private business, I do not get the privilege of calling in sick. I am also blessed with physical strength. This attribute helps me in my family business. My family owns a supermarket. Therefore, sometimes I have to help out with the stock work. I must be able to move things around.

My first weakness is organization. I am not very well organized. Everything is in disarray. I leave my clothes all over the place. I keep all my books mixed up. My thoughts are everywhere, rarely focused. I plan on improving this weak area



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