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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Priscilla A. Williams

University of Phoenix

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Identifying one's strengths and weaknesses can be difficult if one does not want to admit that one has a weakness. Being able to try to identify one's strengths and weaknesses is something that everyone should do in order to become all that he or she can be. One can use his or her strengths and abilities to contribute positively in their work, personal and educational environment.

There are several ways that one can identify one's strengths and weaknesses. One way would be to take a test which would assess one's strengths and weaknesses. The Personality Spectrum and Pathways to Learning Assessment tests are tests that identify one's strengths and weaknesses by asking one to rank one's responses to questions from most like he or she or always (4) to least like he or she or rarely (1) by placing a 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the space next to the response. One's responses are broken into several categories. The categories for the Personality Spectrum are Organizer, Adventurer, Giver and Thinker. The categories for the Pathways to Learning are Bodily-Kinesthetic, Verbal-Linguistic, Visual-Spatial, Musical, Intrapersonal, Logical-Mathematical, Interpersonal and Naturalistic. One's highest numbers are one's strengths and one's lower numbers are one's weaknesses. Another test is called the Pace Palette test. This test is like the Personality Spectrum and the Pathways to Learning Assessment in that it asks one to rank one's responses to words on a scale of 1 to 4. The test then breaks one's responses into four different colors; red, yellow blue and blue. Each color gives one a description of the type of person one is. Red is Adventure, Yellow is Responsibility, Green is Curiosity and Blue is Harmony.

The results of my Personality Spectrum test revealed that my higher scores were as an Organizer and a Giver, and my lower scores were as a Thinker and an Adventurer. My Pathways to Learning test revealed that he higher scores were in Musical and Interpersonal then Verbal-Linguistic, Intrapersonal, Mathematical, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial and Naturalistic. The Pace Palette revealed my color a Yellow, which is that I value "Responsibility

I value rules, tradition, and authority. I have a clear idea of what people should do. I want to belong. I can handle details well and I am a hard worker. I am useful, productive, and a contributor. I like to care for others-look out for them. I want to anticipate and prepare for the future. The home and family is the core of society. It is important to have rules, laws, and controls. I appreciate awards and public recognition. I provide stability within an organization. I demonstrate my love in practical ways. Yellows are loyal, dependable, punctual, and trustworthy- and they know that everyone else should be too. Structure and order are very important. They establish and maintain



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