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My Personal Weaknesses and Goals

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My personal strengths and weakness varies. I find that my perfectionist attitude is not only my strengths but also one of my weaknesses, actually a very big weakness at time. What I have had to learn to accept is failure. I had a very hard time with that as a teenage, but also as an adult. I tend to be very hard on others and myself when It involves failure or not perfectly done. In my personal life at home if I have set a goal say for instance on Saturday morning everyone gets up at 8:00 a.m., no one can eat until the house is completely clean. My kids don't agree with me of course but to me when you sit down that's it you will never have that energy to continue. Also at work, I have 4 student workers and would love to say that I feel as though I can depend on them, but I still must review anything that I have ask them to do for me. I guess you can call that "CYA". With my learning team well sad to say I have a lot to learn about them and working with them. One of the improvements I would like to make to my team is that I would like it if we communicated more. I know everyone has a very busy schedule, but to me it is also important to communicate. I use this same them with my family and work. I will say time and time again at home and at meetings please communicate with me and the other members of the family and office so that everyone is on the same line.

One of my other strengths is dependability. Sometimes so dependable that it too becomes a weakness. For instance any and every person that knows me know that they can call on me at the last minute and I will do to the best of my ability what needs to be done. Well that situation gets me stretched out so much that I forget to check after myself to be sure that everything is done in order. Another weakness for me that having a hard time admitting when I am wrong, I have grown over the past few years to understand that it is ok to admit when you are wrong or when you have made a mistake. This weakness also effects me personally, at work and even the learning team, although we have not been together that long. The action plan that I have been working on is having a better understanding that its ok when something does not go exactly the way you would like for it to go. I know to some that sounds a little childish, but even as a child I have been told that I did not like failure. I have learned to accept some things as they are and realize there are things



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