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Personal Goals as a Student at the University of Phoenix

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Essay Preview: Personal Goals as a Student at the University of Phoenix

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Personal Goals as a Student at the University of Phoenix

Everyone should have personal goals that evolve around anything that needs to be accomplished. I set goals on a daily basis. One goal that I seem to have not truly focused on has been my college education. Considering all things, I decided I needed to focus on my college education. The first thing I needed to accomplish was to enroll in an institution for higher learning. Now that my enrollment is complete, I am an official student at the University of Phoenix enrolled in the undergraduate program for business management. As a student at the university, I now have to set personal goals so that I will be successful in my endeavors. My personal goals are to gain personal growth and development and graduate from my undergraduate program in business management with honors. After my completion of the undergraduate program I will then move on to a master's program.

To accomplish my goal of personal growth and development, I will make sure that by the end of every course I take I will have a full understanding of the subject matter. This is where I will take advantage of the learning teams that are offered in conjunction with individual learning. The way I look at the learning teams is that they are there for me to learn and share experiences with my peers. If there is something that I do not fully understand, I can in turn go to my learning team for the answer. If I cannot get the answer from my team then I will go to the instructor. I will not stop until I have a full understanding of what we are studying. My learning will be easier if I apply what I learn on a day-to-day basis. This will occur when I apply what I have learned in the workplace, helping me master and apply the knowledge that I have learned.

The most important to me while attending the University of Phoenix is to graduate with honors. I know that I have the potential and what it takes to accomplish this. In order to graduate with honors I will have to study and prioritize, taking my education seriously. By taking my academic affairs seriously and being a positive influence on myself, I know that I will achieve my goals. This means that I will have to complete all assignments, assuring accuracy and the quality of my work. Assuring that I complete all assignments, I will also need to do all assignments before they are due. This will allow me time



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